period due today!

well my period is due today and nothing!

i usually find my period is there when i wake up!

just did a tesco brand and theres a really really faint line!

wouldnt my hcg level be high enough to pick it up if i was!????

dont think we had sex enough this month!



  • sounds like bfp! a line is a line. well done x
  • Sounds good to me. Maybe the times that you did bd it worked and that was enough. Like they say a line is a line so wisper congratulations to you. xx
  • i hope so girls....ive got a terrible feeling my eyes are deciueving me! i feel like im gonna come on any minute! xxxx
  • Fingers crossed AF stays away and it is a BFP. xx
  • Hello g/c image

    Congrats i really hope this is your bfp

    i also felt like my af was coming any moment and had only bd 1/2 times so didnt feel like i had done enough

    here is my tesco test at 15dpo so 1 day late

    best of luck
    gembags xx
  • WOW sorry its so big xx
  • gembags mine is fainter than that! but fingers crossed it will get darker!!!!
  • god makes me wonder if mine is twins as did my test saturday afternoon 10dpo and 5 days early ,as not due AF till Thursday 20h and i got this

  • macdonna i didnt get a superdrug like that till i was about 1 and a half weeks late for af

    Have you done a cbd??? are there twins in your family image - LOVE your nails image

    Best of luck ladys ***babydust*** xxx
  • HI Gems, not done a cbd, oh;s auntie's are twins and my nana was a twin,
  • Hi SH; when I was pg with my lo I did a Tesco own brand and got a very very faint line. Didn't think it was really there so bought a clearblue and the line came up very quickly & very dark. I'd had an af whilst pregnant so at the time I was actually 6 weeks pg going by my scan date. If I hadn't have had the af they would have dated me at 8 weeks - so to get such a faint line on a tesco one means I would never trust them again.

    Get yourself a clearblue or superdrug and test again with fmu. Fingers crossed & let us know!!

    Macdoona - it certainly could be twins, or it could be that you've had an af whilst pg and are therefore further along than you think, like with me. But I'd recommend telling your doc straight away, especially with the twins in your family & they might do an early scan to check. xxx
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