bfp yay

hi all ive not been on for ages i dont even know if any of the old faces are still on here but to refresh i was the 1 that had a sterliztion reversal 2 n half years ago and after many months of heartache i went n had my tubes tested with very upstteting results in jan this year to be told that it would be very unlikely i would fall pregnant without help as 1 tube was still sealed closed and the other was only letting little amounts of fluid in and that was with lots of pressure well i gave up all hope of ever getting pregnant again then in may this year i got my BFP!!!!! im now 15 weeks gone it hasnt been easy tho ive had 2 bleeds so far but my little bean is hanging in there and im sure it will be staying tight now to so really all i want to say if for those that dont seem to be getting no where never give up hope theres always a chance good luck all those still trying for there bfp it will come image this site gave me so much support over the 1st year thanks baby expert n members image


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