How do you cheer yourself up when AF visits?

AF got me again, I did think it was implementation bleeding but was sorely disappointed when she appeared a full week early.

Anyway that's my third month of trying and every month AF comes I make my favorite dessert - HotChocPots which are basically cooked on top but pure molten chocolate underneath - hot chocolaty goodness just what you need when you feel basically as rubbish from a visit from AF and to help lift the disappointment somewhat!

They are very chocolaty, but I'm not happy to have them when I do get my BFP as they have eggs in them and think it would be in the region of home made mayo so it's my treat that I can't have if I had got my BFP so it kind of makes me feel better, a little better.

I was wondering what you ladies do to help cheer you up!

BTW - anyone who saw my last topic about excuses for not drinking at new year, even with excuses got me accused of being pregnant, harassed as to when I would be, we're we trying, and basically asked to prove I wasn't by everybody apart from immediate family (you'd think it'd be the other way round) which was quite upsetting as I had AF, disappointment I hadn't conceived this month and was away from home so couldn't have my treat to take the edge off.


  • I have a glass of red wine and chocolate- always a winner. Ive given up alcohol from NY day though now as im really trying to get my optimum health, but im quite lucky as i do this every Jan so no-one is paying any attention.
  • HIya
    Sorry you started the year on a downer! But those puds sound lovely!
    I am actually being very strange now my AF has arrived. I knew Dec wouldnt have done it for us, too much stress, work, alcohol, not enough BD on the right dates! We both weren't trying though as driving us a little crazy now!
    So I was just wanting AF to arrive so I could get on with really trying this month. AF 2 days early hurrah so now CD2 and Im eating rather healthily (before I weigh myself next week - too scared after crimbo) Taking some new conceiving multivits and only having one cup of coffee a day, oh and loads of water!

    This is very rare for me though tbh! My normal reply would have been x2 bottles of blosson hill, Ben & Jerrys and a crap film!
    Good luck this month!
  • I eat chocolate - and a fair amount of it :lol:

    What's the recipe for your puds, they sound delish!


    P.S. Sorry you had to put up with the interogation at NY, if only people realsied how hard ot was...
  • It's based on a Nigella Lawson recipe (FEAST) with some small alterations

    Ingredients:Makes 4 servings
    125g Utterly Buttery - extra for greasing 4 ramekins
    100g dark chocolate (at least 70%) and 25g milk chocolate - dairy milk (you can use 125g all dark but I find it a bit bitter)
    2 Large eggs
    150g Caster Sugar
    3 table spoons of plain flour
    100g of morsels (I tend to change these, sometimes they are white chocolate chips, sometimes small pieces of glace cherry (hubby loves it) and milk choc chips)

    If I ever went on come dine with me these would be my dessert!

    Preheat Oven Gas Mark 6 or 200c

    Melt the Chocolate and the butter in a glass bowl of the pan.
    In a another bowl (you want it to be fairly big if you use a hand whisk as there will be massive splatter), mix eggs, sugar and flour. Add cooled chocolate mixture, and mix until blended. Fold in morsels.

    Divide mixture evenly among ramekins and place in Oven (you can chill in freezer for dinner later.

    Bake for about 20 minutes the top will cook but the chocolate beneath is lovely and gooey.

    Stick on a plate to prevent burning you hands and dig in, great with some vanilla ice-cream - please tell me how yours turn out and if you like them?

    It was a bit pants, I didn't mind a first but the 6 person to give me a knowing look like they know what going on was just so disheartening, makes me want to make sure they are the last people we tell when we announce it and make sure we let all those know who respected our privacy first!

    Oh well, pudding tomorrow then another month a new hope! I keep telling myself the longer it takes the cuter they will be!
  • mmm...they sound soooo lovely, bet they're fattening though :\? I'm spose to be on a diet but if I have a snow day tomorrow I may just pop out to buy the ingrediants and make them :lol:

    Yep, it really does get on your nerves doesn't it, some people :evil:

  • They must be, but you can't eat that much of it so I think that it's better, I'd rather not eat chocolate of the whole month then have one of these so long as I knew it was coming! I might do the same if I get snowed in again today image
  • mmm they sound fab, might give them a

    i tend to eat lots of chocolate and cups of sweet tea (this is mostly to help my low blood sugar at af time). i usually treat myself to takeaway, white bread and anything bad for

    my moto in life is give your body what you want at af
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