Teacher TTCers

I just thought, if we get our BFPs this month or next, it will be perfect timing for being in 1st trim during summer holidays! Good timing for any tiredness and sickness. Fingers crossed ladies and lots of babydust to you all xx


  • I would love to fall pregnant now ( Mat starting just after Christmas) but I'm stuck in a bit of a muddle!!!
    Have been at my school five years and have had enough. There is so little support and compassion from SLT and as I work in a very difficult and economcal poor area the staff are constantly stressed and harassed. My next move would be HOD but I don't fancy announcing a few months into the job that I have a bun in the oven. I'm 36 so double pressure as I don't really have time on my side. I'm stuck for the moment but really hoping I get BFP very soon so I can leave on Maternity for a year and prioritise a family!!!

    Fingers crossed! :\)

  • G/C just to say that I conceived on 25th July last year - just as the summer hols started and it was fab having those really early weeks not at school! Good luck! X
  • I too am a teacher. First month trying so trying really hard not to get hopes up, but would be lovely! I worry about telling school as a good friend is trying too, but I guess there is little they can do about it. Fingers crossed for us all.. x
  • I am also a teacher and just into my 4th monthof ttc! Really hope its my turn! At first I had an ideal date for my due date but as time goes on I just would love to be prg whenever. I was worried about telling schoolesp since I have only been there since Jan but from now on if we conceive now I wil get full mat leave and pay!
  • im a teacher too and think it would be fab to avoid hiding a growing bump, also think it would b cool to turn up in sept with a baby bump x
  • Ooh, thats a good thought! Never thought of it like that, you have made me soo happy. Although the 300 assessment I have to mark in the next three weeks don't! xxx
  • i am a teacher too and conceived last june. it was summer hols from week 6-12 and my god i am, glad it was. dont know how people work during those weeks. the sickness is awful. brushing your teeth makes you throw up, so you have to brush your teeth again. nobody tells you that. good luck x
  • I'm also a teacher,

    Kaiti B that's been my thought too - I can imagine the everyones faces now hee hee. I'm also in month 1 and totally babymad now, would so love to fall this month but what will be will be as they say. X
  • Let all hope for a June/July BFP then ladies! x
  • I'm a teacher too and last time I was actually glad to be heavily pregnant during summer hols as I found that more exhausting than the start although I was lucky to not suffer from morning sickness. Hoping to fall pregnant soon but won't get any extra rest in the hols this time as I now have a toddler to run around after instead!
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