The Waiting Game!!!

The madness has begun. 5DPO and i've tested already and not even with FMU. God i need to get a grip!! xx


  • Katie you must be worse than me!! I'm 3dpo and going to try my very best to hold off testing until at least 14dpo, well that's what I'm telling myself anyway!! xx
  • Lol! You sound as bad as me Katie10!! Glad i'm not the only one.

    I'm trying to keep myself busy with Christmas arrangements but it's not really working.

    Good luck! xx
  • That was my plan but i have already failed miserably. Got a feeling it will be down hill for the remainder of the 2ww, lol. xx
  • Naughty Katie!! lol!! It's like an addiction isn't it?! I feel cheated when af arrives cos i haven't bn able to poas!! x
  • i was having a clearout this morning and found the tests i asked hubby to hide last so i have a ebay cheapie, an asda cheapie and cbd. all i need to do know is stop myself from using taht'll be why i asked hubby to hide
  • Thats really funny..... This is only my first proper month so I havnt got to this stage yet....Hoping I wont get as addicted image x
  • I've got a big stash. 9 internet cheapies, 2 FRER, 1 Tesco, 1 CBD and yesterday was in superdrug and just had to buy a two pack as they were only ??4.99. I have resisted testing so far this morning but probably won't last the whole day. Thing is i know it's mad because even if i was pg at 6dpo it would never show!!!! xx
  • lol katie10, im going out today and was going to treat myself to a couple superdrug tests they are mean to be quite
  • :lol: Katie when I had the cheapies I was doing them one month from about 6DPO, I figured they really are so cheap I was barely losing anything by doing them image And you're right you're not going to get your BFP at 6DPO but I say if you're happy doing it then have fun :lol: xx
  • I've decided i WILL NOT test til Sunday at 8dpo. Some ladies on here have had faint + from then so at least i will be in with a chance of seeing that second line. xx
  • I'm determined this month to relax, breathe and not test unless AF is late. Hopefully, like Amy & Ruby I want to get busy with Xmas planning so I forget. I too have a stash of 3 Superdrug tests and loads of cheapie amazon ones (which I never expect a positive from so never mind using and getting a BFN!). I'm not even due to ovulate till the 27th, although that may cure or fuel my need to POAS, so we'll see how long my resolve lasts after ovulation.

    I've just got a gut feeling that it'll take me ages to concieve :\(

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  • Hi LINMAC80. It really is addictive!! I tested again today at 8dpo, twice and got a BFN, twice of course. We have been trying for a year and half now with no luck. I'm 37 so really stressing about how long it is taking us. xx
  • Hey katie and LINMAC- i to am in the dreaded 1ww- 6dpo, not testing till dec 1- (hopefully can hold out) i don't have any tests so I will not be tempted..... we have been trying for a long time also 14 mths- it is just so draining emotionally isn't it...
  • I'm trying to be to be good and don't have any in the house, doesn't stop me bloody SS though! lol! Roll on the 1st Dec!
  • i think im doing quite well. managing to refrain. im 9do today and i know i wont test beginning of week coz im working.xx
  • I wish i had your will power girls. I've tested again at 9dpo. I have absolutely NO symptoms whatsoever. Not even mildly sore (.)(.)!!!! Had a few up to 4/5 dpo but now nothing. Know it is early but believe i am out yet again for this month. Official test date is 29th so got a few more days but not feeling at all hopeful. xxx
  • I tested at 4dpo!!!!!!!!! LOL.
    Im 7dpo today so ill probably test tomorrow because i got my bfp at 8dpo with my last two pregnancys so if it isnt a bfp then im out of the running this month!! Good luck ladies xxxxx
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