Can i borrow some PMA please?

Oh ladies i am sooooo frustrated. Now on CD31..... my cycles are usually 27/28.

I have no real symptoms apart from heartburn. I have had a blob of pinky brown cm last night and a teeny bit of brown cm this morning. Put a pad on fully expecting cramps and AF to arrive and have had neither..... :roll:

Now what? I tested yesterday morning with FR and got a crappy BFN.

Any donations of PMA or virtual hugs welcome in exchange for a bit of my donut xx


  • Ahhh honey here have some of mine PMA PMA PMA PMA

    Sadly it's one of those waiting games you know give it another couple of days and if you have not had AF then test again image

    Big hugs

    K xxxx
  • Sending you a bucket of PMA and a ((((HUG)))))(for a small bite-supposed to be dieting!) Pleased to see your donut is back!!
    Can you wait a couple more days and retest? xxx
  • Yeah will try, have tried to convince myself i ov late, and the cm may have been implantation? LOL i can dream hehe. Yes donut is back and looking extra tasty xx
  • Hi LD - glad to see your donut is back, it really wasn't the same without it.

    the last couple of days in your cycle is an absolute nightmare, but stay in the cupboard and hope af stays away. Sending you lots of PMA.
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