Cd21 and still no positive on ov stick!!!

Im feeling really low now, i really thought id have had my smiley face by now. Does anyone else out there ov late? My cycles have been 33, 32, 34 and 33 days. I think i might have had ov pain earlier before i started ov sticks so maybe ive missed it! xx


  • Hi
    I have exactly the same cycles as you and I was really panicking as I thought I would have seen a smiley face by cd21 mine didn't actually appear until cd22 so you are still in with a chance.
    Hope this helps and good luck

  • Awww thanks hun, youve given me a glimmer of hope, right now id be happy with a smirk let alone a smiley face! lol. What cd are you on now? xx
  • Have you had any other Ov symptoms debbiemc? Like pains or EWCM?
    If it were me, I'd just do the fun stuff every other day all month!
    That's my plan next month just in case I've been getting my ov dates wrong!!! (although I am 98% sure I haven't)

  • Hi I am now on cd31 so fingers crossed that in another couple of days I will be testing and getting a BFP. Hope your full smiley face comes soon

  • Hi Debbie,
    Lets just say mother nature can be cruel at times. Like you my cycles varied and so too did the +ve ovulation days. Like you say you got pain earlier so maybe you tested too late! I know I ended up sometines testing for about 10 days straight because they were all over the place. If it makes you feel any better no matter what your cycle good things do happen as i'm now 27wks. Just keep trying and you never know. In fact I thought I'd missed my chance because we had fun b4 the +ve but I guess his army were good swimmers!!

    Chin up!! Good luck.
  • Awww thank you ladies for your very positive replys! Good luck gem1, hope you get your bfp x Congratulations mac1 good luck with the birth xx
  • Well its cd22 now and still no smiley face on ovk, im really gutted as that was my last test and its my anniversary!!! cry cry xx
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