I am crazy for testing tomorrow?

I think the answer to that is yes.. but I need someone to tell me to go for it lol.

I don't know exactly what day I ov, but I think I'm between 6-8 DPO. Last night I was awake all night with nausea and I vomited this morning. The nausea continued throughout the day, I'm also getting cramps, and my boobs are very sore. If I ever got af symptoms I wouldn't get excited but I NEVER get any symptoms before I get an actual flow. I feel like I am pregnant based on my 1st just because I feel something strange is going on, but with my first I didn't have these symptoms..

Think I'm just going to go for it and test tomorrow..


  • I think you might be an ickle little bit crazy (meant in the nicest possible way) :lol: Even if you are pregnant, its highly likely not to show up on the tests anyway...

    I'd wait until at least 12DPO...thats how long I manage to last before they start talking to be through the cupboard door :lol:

  • hun your symptoms sound really good. i got my bfp last week and my sickness started at 8dpo BUT BUT please wait to test.xxxxxx
  • Im on the 'wait to test' boat too, BUT i think your symptoms sound good and you wouldnt want to get stressed and sad when there is a little bean hopefully only just making itself comfy now.

    lots of PMA and sticky baby dust to you!!!:\)
  • hahaha id testnow and i havent even OV'd :lol:

    best of luck if you test image

    gems x
  • go for it and get it out of ur system just dont be too down if its bfn as likely but u may have a chance if hch enough present to make u sick, who knows just do it and then relax (year right!) for another week! could it be a sickness bug? anyone else got it? xx good luck whatever u do xx
  • hihave you tested yet? x
  • No I didn't test. I bought some tests today, a few clear blues and FR but going to try to wait longer cause I know it will most likely be BFN if I test now.
    Good news is I'm still feeling the same, I couldn't sleep last night cause my boobs were so sore. Feeling really positive but I know if I see BFN I'm going to be a lot more negative about it all, plus go through a lot of tests lol.
  • when is your AF due? mine is due mon 22nd but im dying to test. im the same as you got sore heavy boobs and feel really positive but still could be signs of af coming. I havent got any tests yet but im sure if i did i would of tested by now. lol!

    Your braver than i am xxx
  • not to make you feel upset but i had the same symptoms as you i even had heartburn but mine ended in AF turing up i never have sore boobs when AF is coming

    But good luck hun hope you get your BFP *** BABY DUST ***


  • KIMLOU- I think af is due on saturday. Not too sure though since my cycles are never regular.
  • i think we should wait until fri and do it together lol x
  • haha ... im the same im due for af on sunday i have been testing since 6po. CRAZY!!!! of course ive been getting BFN.... its a mental thing i think !! i have to admit i was a bit dissapointed this morning when i got my bfn cause i am 10 po and thought maybe a positive would show... ( theres no harm in testing just as long as you dont expect that bfp otherwise you will continously be heartbroken !
  • KIMLOU- you've got a deal! When I woke up this morning I almost tested but manged to hold myself back. Hopefully I can push through til Fri. I know its only 2 days but it seems like a life time!
  • ha ha thats me, mn88 and babydust testing on friday then 1st thing and if no BFP then again on mon.

    Cant wait i hope we all get our BFP together.
    You 2 will be due in oct tho wont you il be due 1st nov so just miss it x
  • lol I was thinking the same thing. Going to test friday, then mon, wed, and the following fri. Hopefully have a BFP before then !
  • The more the better!

    I was close to testing this morning, but it's a lot easier to say no when you know others are also waiting.

    Trying to stay away from the internet today. I keep looking up my symptoms and one minutes I'm very positive and the next minutes I've given up hope. I told myself I wouldn't do that this time around, that didn't work!
  • welcome sukib+kai speak 2u all in the morning xx

    good luck xxx
  • Hi ladies well i got........BFN this morning 4 days early so will be testing again mon.

    Hope you all have better luck xxx
  • Hi ladies well i got........BFN this morning 4 days early so will be testing again mon.

    Hope you all have better luck xxx
  • BFN.. feeling very down, I actually can't believe how upset I am. It's only our first month ttc and I know it could still be too early for a bfp, but I was SO sure I was pregnant because of how i was feeling, but those symptoms seem to be disappearing so losing hope.
    I think I would be ok if I didn't have those symptoms, but I can't beleive how sure I was.

    Going to test again monday but right now I think I would also be very happy to see af so we can try more next month.

    KIMLOU, hope that bfn turns around on monday for you!!
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