Any ideas?

Hi ladies,

Wonder if any of u can shed some light?

I mmc in march and since may i've had 31 day cycles oving between cd13 - 15. This month I had my normal af and then started spotting from cd8 to cd13 (when I ov'd).

I'm now on cd24 / 11dpo and have been spotting since 9dpo, could it be implantation? (its similar to what I had when I started to mmc). I tested yday (naughty I no) and got bfn. Symptoms wise i've had waves of nausea and a few dizzy spells, also have noticed how smelly the kitchen bin is and its making me wana puke and boobs have been a bit tender on and off but nothing to bad. Oh and if one more person says 'u look shattered!' im guna poke there eyes out. Not feeling overly tired tho. So I don't no what to think. Im relatively calm about everything this month to which is rather odd to.

Anyone have ne suggestions?


  • hiya, sorry to hear about ur mc, it does sound like implantation, fingers crossed it is! image test again in a few days with fmu, and good luck image xxxxxx
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