GUTTED! Bleeding after BFP.

Got my clear blue digital bfp yesterday morning 1-2 weeks pregnant (along with other tests) then last night about 11pm i became aware that i was becoming itchy and had what looked like a heat rash from my head to toes in patches. It became so itchy and uncomfortable at 4.30am this morning that i decided to make my way to a+e. Got bloods taken, heart checked, blood pressure etc etc and they said it was a probable allergic reaction to something, gave me piriton after referring to the early preg unit and sent me on my way. wasnt home an hour when i went to the loo and wiped and i had a brown dark cm, then within the past five/six hours this is just like anormal period, i am gutted.


  • aww hope yr okay hunnie, try stay strong. I bleed a lot through my last pregnancy and baby was fine. I remember been really scared though. Will be thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed.xx
  • nic did you have string af pains with your bleeding or just blood? this blood ranges from dark brown to bright pink and i just feel like af is here
  • sorry to hear this, i had 3 bleeds in early pregnancy with my son, so it can be normal, but i do understand how worrying it is for you. are you getting any pain?

    ashy x
  • in first few weeks or pregnancy i had agonising stomach pains (no bleeding) an thought i was having mc but think must have been uterus stretching! then bit after that i got bright red fresh blood as if af but no cramps. Then all way through every few weeks i would bleed for a day with few cramps.
    hopefully its just yr body getting ready for yr little bean.x
  • yes im getting aunt flo pains along with bleeding but not as much as period would be. i think i am perhaps miscarrying
  • Awwww Hun ((((Big Hugs)))) xxx
  • sorry hun, r u going to go doctors to make sure? hope everthing turns out ok xx
  • I'm so sorry that you're going through this hun. I hope everything turns out all right for you, I really do xxx
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