Whats my chances?

hi girls, hope everyone is having a nice friday afternoon, looking forward to the Bank Hol!!!

so it's cd33, not tested since cd26 BFN!!! (only tested since i was going to house warming)

1st cycle off pill was 39 daysm 2nd 31 days!!! (this is mth 3)

Don't really have any symptoms except quite a lot of cm, but can't remember if i normally get that before af. have had quite a few sore heads this week!!!

don't feel like af is on her way, but don't feel pg either (not that i know what that feels like)
don't feel sick, no sore bb's, nothing!!!

oh is away for weekend, stag do, so don't want to test till he comes back but even at that not sure if i should or just wait it out, am desperatly trying to convice myself its not our mth, just so i don't get to excited as i would like to get some sleep this weekend!!!!

what do you think are the chances of me getting a bank hol BFP???

have a nice weekend


  • I have never been PG either so no advice there. Lots of people say they didn't know. How would you feel if you tested and got a BFN? particularly if OH is away? I test anyway and then tell myself it was too early..
    ALL the best for a bank holiday BFP
  • Hi danipink,
    I tested on cd26 and then cd27 and cd28 and got lots of BFN, i tested this afternoon on cd 32 and still BFN but no af either. I don't what what the point of me telling you that but i guess i'm in a similar situation, i would test if you've not tested since cd26 but then if oh is away will you be able to cope with the disappointment or excitement on your own??? Not much help am i !!lol. Good luck in which ever way you decide to go. Sxx
  • thanks girls think i will wait for oh to get back on monday, i'm saying that like af will def not show, which i'm actually not sure about i'm sure now i'm starting to get hopes up she will raise her ugly head!!! lol!!!
  • Hi! I tested yesterday 4 days early & got a BFN, it made me feel like poo but I was glad my dh was a home for the moral support, its up to u Hun but I'd try and wait but I know its easier said than done! Anyway if you do decide to test over the weekend u know we are always here to support you whatever result u get! Good luck & babydust.xxx
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