girls its cd39 and no sign of af!!!

i tested monday and BFN so under no illusions that this is our mth!!!

i was hoping cycles where settling down as last mth was 31 days but i'm far to unlucky for that to be true!!!

should i start taking ac again? or do i just wait it out??

i've got a docs appointment on tues for unrelated topic but if its not shown do you think i should tell the doc? will they be able to do anything?

all and any thoughts welcome!! :?


  • Hi hun,

    I'm sure we are always confused together, LOL.

    2 months ago I had a 30 day cycle and was so happy, only to get a 39 day cycle last month. I'm on CD31 today and want af or a BFP now! I don't want to poas this month as I used too many last month and I've no idea on O, or even if I do.

    I wouldn't start AC just yet if I were you as you never know! I'm sorry that I don't have any advice but think you should wait it out a bit yet as I had to do that last month. I know it's so hard though. My mum was here last week and I was soooo relaxed, no sooner had she left and I was wondering about my cycle. I'm trying to stay relaxed and not poas until CD40 if no af first, not sure it'll be possible but as last month was 39 days then it makes sense. If my cycle goes over 35 days this month then I'll be starting ac next month.
    Sorry I'm no help but wanted to reply as you are always there for me in my times of stress. I hope you get a BFP or AF soon, I realise that either is better than nothing but hope it's the BFP.

  • Hi Honey

    was wondering how u'd got on with ac! i'm on cd38 and still waiting- really hopeing ac will shorten my cycles.

    Don't go back on ac yet try and wait it out i know its hard!!!
  • hi Lilac
    i do think AC works but i stopped taking it earlier this mth because TMI!! i thought there was a wee bit of blood in my ewcm on day 10/11 so thought i had ov'd so stopped taking it!! but i have got on well with it appart from that i haven't had any side effects that i've noticed!

    have you started taking it?
  • i took it at the beginning of the month up until cd15 and thought i ov'd cd17/18, was hopefull as well that a week later had blood in cm but who knows!!!

    I got on with it fine thou just wish i'd taken it longer now!
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