Help Please TTC aft

H i Ladies,

As you might remenber i MC in April but we decided to try again this month but i need yer help.

I MC on the 18th of April so do i class that as CD1?
If so i usuly OV CD10 and am now on CD 14 and haven't had a smily face yet!!! is that normal? does that mean i'm out this cycle? or did i OV earlier?

If anyone has any ideas i would be soooo grateful


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  • cab anyone help?
  • cab anyone help?
  • Hey Missy!

    I had a d&c in December following a mmc. I took the day of the procedure as cd1. Not sure with a natural mc. Personally, I would consider the first day of bleeding as cd1.

    As for ov, I'm not really sure. My first af was roughly six weeks later, so I must had ov about a month after the d&c. Of course, that's if I did ov at all. It's not unusual to not ov in the first cycle following a d&c. Again though, I'm not sure about natural m/c.

    HTH, X

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  • Hi missymooo - sorry to hear about mc.

    I had one at 5 weeks back in March (2 months today :cry: ) . I miscarried naturally and I counted the first day of my next period as CD1. My first period came 4 weeks later and it was really, really heavy and lasted 9 days - almost as long as I bled. I don't use ov test strips so not sure if I ov'd or not. From the time of the mc to CD1 I didn't count as anything other than my body settling down but def. ov'd this month.

    I'm not sure if this right medically speaking but it's what I did.

    babydust to you...
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