Anyone had this?? Maybe TMI!!

Well me and OH had sex lastnight, he'd been out drinking so i guess it was a much longer than normal 'session' and a bit rougher lol sorry girls.
Anyway straight after i just felt really dry and sore down there, i went to go to the toilet and i literally could not walk properly!!! U know how people joke about it, not being able to walk etc after sex lol well this was me....when i looked down i was sooooo swollen. I've got up for work and its not as bad except one of my lips is still really swollen, its hard! Bearing in mind we did only do the deed at about 4:30am so its not been long i guess.

I've googled it and it seems pretty normal, scared the shit out of me though!
Just wanted some reassurance really ladies....sorry for having to share!!



  • Don't worry, its happened to me before. The swelling will go down fairly fast but it may be sensitive for a while.

    A bad experience too far, that one. :\(
    Hope it settles down soon. x
  • Hi this happend to me after DH had been drinking. It is normal but quite painful! Maybe get some sperm friendly lube just in case it happens again?
  • Thanks ladies, it's gone down quite a lot now, been taking ibuprofen and that really seems to of helped! The things that us ladies have to go through, have lube at the ready!! xx
  • LOL - this was me last week - exactly the same thing - and time!!! it was still sore for that day but it went down by the nxt day but we've bd every other day since then so i can still feel it a bit! think i'lll try the ibuprofen nxt time.

  • It really did freak me out!! Pretty much back to normal now so less than 24 hours, but bloody hell this morning i was so swollen i even found it difficult to wee!! lol sooo glad its not just me, trouble is i didnt feel dry at the time, was literally as soon as we stopped, ouch! xxx
  • Oh Pickle

    Was just checking in on you thought it was gona be something to do with symptoms or something LOL!!

    Think weve all been there before hun not nice eh!!

    Glad your feeling better xxx
  • Hey Lau aww thanks hunny, im ok, still no sign of AF though...i think she's gone AWOL this month!

    Nice of u to check in, i always keep checking in on u and your posts hehe hope all is well for u at the mo image xxx
  • That's good if she's awol hun!!! Fingers crossed she's awol for a good 8-9 months now!!

    Always have a look in here but dont really know anyone anymore LOL just a few familiar faces!!

    Im not to bad thanks hun, keeping everything crossed you got a shy one in there xxx
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