soooo bored!!!

there is nothing interesting on the tv yet again!!! boo!!

been having a look around the net for prams in preparation!! lol
anyone else do this??


  • Sometimes I do but recently the other day we had the opportunity to buy my brothers lil lads nursery furniture for 200 quid. However having talked to hubby he doesnt want it and said its too much like tempting fate before we have a BFP, the fact that its lasted both my nephews hes not keen on buying something thats 7 years old when we could prob get it brand new for a couple more hundred quid.

    Im not bothered either way but I did ring my brother and thank him for the offer and said that my hubby didnt want it, I thought he can take the blame and he said its fine he will put it on ebay.

    I really like the Icandy peach but could be out of our price range but we will have to wait and see nearer the time.

    TTC is becoming harder as hubby is putting so many demands on me saying he doesnt want anyone to know until after first scan, I am not allowed to buy anything until after first scan so the first trimester is going to be soooooo boring for me and I cant even share it with anyone.

    Lol need to get that BFP first, moan over!!

    Ps am boooored too, going to bed in a bit x
  • My hubby wont even answer my many hypothetical q's about us having a baby (ie names, will we tell anyone b4 scan etc) so I know he won't appreciate me looking at prams and stuff. I know it's cos he doesn't wanna tempt fate and I don't either.

    L x
  • I'm always looking at prams online - I can spend hours doing it! Have a massive list of baby names too lol
    Names pop into my head at random times and I just blurt the name out and expect poor hubby to know what I'm going on about! image
    He's pretty good at humouring me and nodding along tho even tho we're nowhere near getting a BFP image( xx
  • i don't think having a look around is tempting fate, more of a budgeting guide for the near future!!! lol!!
    We will only prob tell our parents and my bestest friend and that will be it apart from you girlies on here until 12 weeks!! It is really hard cos you get so excited you want to scream it from the rooftops!!!
  • I don't think there is anyway I'll be able to keep quiet for 12 weeks lol...
    My friends are always asking how we're getting on at the fertility clinic and wishing me luck for my scans etc so I don't think I could pretend I've got no news!
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