Hello!! can I join you??

Hey everyone! Ive been a member for a while but never actually posted as we weren't officially "trying" when I joined! We get married in April and we are going to start "officially" trying after the wedding, but we aren't using any contraception at the moment so who knows?! Anyway just wanted to say hi and look forward to chatting to you all!! xxx


  • hello!!

    i was a lurker for ages before i joined too!!

    nice to 'meet' you.
    x x x x
  • Hi home fairy, thanks! I did notice the "rude veg" thread too on my lurking journey so im all prepared for that BFP! lol xx
  • Hello!

    I joined today too, after lurking in the shadows for a while! Good luck with the planning of your up and coming wedding. DH and I got married August 09, feels like a lifetime ago.

    Lots of baby dust!

  • Hi MrsGardner2B, welcome!!! How very exciting.....i got married last April...it really has flown!!!
    Good luck for your honeymoon baby lol xx
  • Hello MrsGardner2B

    nice of you to join us!! image and would like to wish you lots of luck with your up and coming wedding hubby and i also got married Agust 09 too!! image enjoy every minute! it will go soooo fast!!

    Baby dust to all!!! *~*

  • Thanks guys for your kind welcomes!
    MrsS- at least we can be newbies together lol and I hope you had a lovely wedding day!
    Thanks Mrslolly84, April's a good month to get married eh? Would love a honeymoon baby! but already worked my dates out and dont think they coincide! never mind lol can still "Practice" lol xxx
  • Practice makes perfect!!! xx
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