PMA has all but disappeared........

Hi girls, sorry to have a moan but I had been so hopeful about oving over the weekend and that we would get our BFP in June.

I have been using ov sticks and although there was a faint line over the weekend it wasn't the same strength as the control line (and the instructions therefore say this is a negative). Not only that, I have been poorly all weekend and haven't been able to manage any bding (expect Friday night).

Either I'm not oving, which I just can't bear, or I've missed it. Feel so down cos I felt sure this month was our month. It's been a year now and I was hoping for a 'happy annivesary' present of BFP in June.

I'm gutted.



  • Hiya,
    Sorry to hear that, try not to get too down. I am sure it will happen for you at the right time. This month obviously wasn't meant to be but who's to say that you won't get a BFP next month, when your feeling better. I know exactly how you feel though because I have felt like you have in the past and as each month passes and missing import O dates etc. I was getting more and more stressed over not being pregnant. Me and dh have been ttc for 2 years and it's still not happened for us but I deceided that I wasn't going to depress myself anymore and put unneccessary pressue on me or dh and I feel so much happier these days. My advice is to feel down today, eat lots of chocolate and sweets and cry if needs be, then say to yourself tomorrow is another day and I'm I am going have PMA. Keep yourself busy and concentrate on another hobby or interest and before you know it it will be time to try again and you can look forward to having lots of fun and BDing with your oh.
  • Mrs Hopeful

    Im sending you big hugs i know it can be devestating every month you get a bfn or your af arrives early but you just gotta keep focused and remember that you will eventually get your baby. Just think you can have a glass of champagne on your annivesary.

    jen xx
  • I know how you feel Mrs Hopeful, as I too have had only faint lines over the last few months. The first month it happened, I was gutted and really didn't think I ov'd But did lots of research, and apparantly the lh surge can last less than 24 hours, so it wouldn't show fully on the ov stick. A faint line hopefully means that the surge is going up or coming down (that's what I tell myself to keep pma up), so hopefully you caught it when you bd on Friday. I also monitor cm as well, so I don't have to rely solely on ov sticks as they aren't that great.
  • Thanks guys, I think I will have to bd tonight even if it means squirming cos I'm at my mum's house!! LOL. You never know, I might just catch it..........

  • OH NO!!! Just remembered we're on a blow up bed tonight!!!
  • LOL! just dont burst it.

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