honest opinions- does this mean anything?

the past few days ive been tesing out my OPK's to just see if anything comes up.
they have all been totally negative, no faint line nothing just the test line has come up.
well i am now 9dpo and woke up this morning and thought hummmmm lets have another go.
so i used fmu and did it and this time i got a second line.

have been reading that HCG & LH are basically very similar and OPK's can detect HCG.

do you think this is anything for me to get a bit excited about? or am i just kidding myself?



  • ohhh sounds very positive hun i have read that you can get a + on opk as they detect the pregnancy hormone aswell!! really hope this is it for you! have you thought about trying a hpt??
  • have you had any other symptoms???
  • well yes i have been getting quite a few niggly pains in my back and tummy, i feel a little crampy.
    my nipples are like super sensitive, but tbh this is probably just my body messing with my head.

    i really cant face an HPT at the moment, i really do want to wait until sunday, im quite enjoying the not knowing at the moment!
  • Yes can cause a opk to get 2 lines hun. Sounds very good.
    Lot of luck xxx
  • hey hun. . Yes i heard that about them. . . Was using them last month but i got lines all time lol even dark ones!. So don't think they for me. But heard some ladies use them and find them pretty accurate. . So i would say its a possibility i would try a hpt Babe. . I hope i have more look with the cbfm!.
    I think Im few days behind you maybe? X X so good luck keep us posted x X
  • it wasnt a dark line like you get when your LH surges, it was just a faint line.
    i know i am barking up the wrong tree, but i just cant help feeling a little hopeful.
    grrrrr why cant i just leave things alone? now this is going to be playing on my mind all bloody day! xxxx
  • Ok im about 6 weeks preg and will go and poas for you. I never got round to using my opks so will try now :lol:

    Back in a min xxx
  • haha baby love brilliant! thanks xxxx
  • http://i457.photobucket.com/albums/qq299/linz82/SDC12190.jpg?t=1280906869

    WOW! It is dark but then im alot more than 9DPO. I hope this is it for you but as booey said go get a HPT xxx
  • oooooooooooooooo omg! thanks for doing that babylove!
    no i cant do an hpt yet im bricking it!
    maybe friday xxx
  • g/c GOOD LUCK

    I did the same as you - i poas(OPK) and i got faint lines but i was getting pos preg tests to :lol: I just wanted to see if it would go pos like lots of people said image

    LOL babylove (congrats again hun)

    Keep my fingers crossed for you x
  • Ooh I really hoope this is true cos I poas yesterday and it was really dark. I'm also 9dpo. Eeek so excited. Trying not to get hopes up but I can't help it
  • ooo nic really, that sounds very promising!
    mine wasnt dark tho it was just a faint pink line.
    in not getting my hopes up, altho i am thinking about it constantly!
    good luck honey xxx
  • hey hun when you say you got a line is it just really faint?? i got a medium ish line the other day on opk but done one this morn and very faint! it would be alot easier for us to know straight away bloomin stupid bodies!! finding it hard to take my mind off it!!
  • yeah it was faint but defianately there. i know its stupid testing on an OPK but i just wanted to see.
    the past 3 days tho i didnt get any line at all, which is why its made me wonder?

    maybe i should just bite the bullet and do a HPT later just to shut myself up! xxx
  • haha no im thinking about it and i am only 8/9 dpo, if i wait until the weekend then i know whatever the outcome will be the right one.
    if i do a test now and its BFN ill be convincing myself its too early.
    im gonna wait and test on sunday xxx
  • ooh mrs waggy I am testing at the weekend too! Trying to wait until Sunday and it's soooo hard isn't it?!
    I am at oh's parents house in France and only have 2 hpts with me but it's still torture!!
    Good luck for Sunday xx
  • ah good luck baby-vivvy! how lovely to get your BFP in France, fingers crossed! xxx
  • Ooh this waiting is driving me mental. I can't stop symptom spotting. I've pee'd on the cheapy ebay ones and got bfn but keep thinking maybe I should go buy a first resonse and do it in morning. Its soo harf cos come people get bfp at 9/10 dpo and others don't show + until past 14 dpo? Arrrrrggghhhh!

    Hope year having a nice holiday Viv.x.
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