Cervical Mucus, help!

Hi ladies, after advice again.

so this is my first month off the pill now on CD25, i OV'd CD12-13 according to CM and pains. Im so certain AF is on her way i have had back ache, cramps,dull aches, shooting pains all for about the last 5 days. Today i noticed loads of CM, the stretchy egg white type stuff in my pants, sorry if TMI. so what the hell does this mean? im ovulating again????????????? but AF is due on wed? HELP!!!!!!!:\?


  • Hi hun i came off the pill a year ago and also had all the symptons your describing. Think its coz your ovaries and hormones and kicking in and your body is trying to balance itself. Heard also that you OV a few times in your frst month of pill and are very fertile. My periods got back to norm after 3 months. If i was you i would BD every other day just to make sure you catch it when your OVing. HTH try not to stress hun xx
  • Thanks hun im just trying to work out what on earth my body is doing to me! i really hope af comes on wed so i can know my cycles x
  • It feels at the time that your cycles arent going to settle but im sure it will. x
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