Hi ladies hope everyone is well image
According to my P Tracker i was due to OV on thurs but had lots of EWCM on tues so im thinking i OV'd then. Been BD'ing as much as poss to get our much wanted BFP this month and i feel like time is going so slow.

Is anyone else around 5DPO?
Have started SS lol.
Has anyone had any symptoms?

Seems this month is a lucky month for BFP's so im hoping i have a bit of that luck too lol.
I ordered 20 of the ebay cheapies which arrived on fri so am hoping to be using them next weekend.

xx emma xx


  • Hi Emma,

    I'm 5/6 dpo but I have a really short luteal phase of just 7/8 days so my wait is nearly over!

    I've been taking B6 to try and lengthen it so fingers crossed it will work as I'm getting impatient!

    Fingers crossed this is your month image x
  • What date you testing hun?
    So does that mean you OV later in your cycle?
    I have read posts where ladies are talking about this but never really understood what it meant, i have just looked it up and kind of understand now lol.
    I think mine is about 13/14 days as my cycle is usually always 28/29 days.

    Have you had any symptoms yet?
    Sending you lots of baby dust hun
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