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Hi girls,
I'm so sorry to put a downer on things but I feel awful. Everybody around me is getting pregnant and it's just not happening for us (month 8 ttc). In the past week I have 4 people who are close to me have announced that they are pregnant!!

It just make me thinks that there could be something wrong. Can't seem to get the thought out my head.
Is anyone else going through similar things?


  • Hey wannabeamummy,

    I totally sympathise with you. I've seen god knows how may friends and family announce pregnancies and have their babies all while we've been TTC, 1 of which was my sis who I am really close to so although it was great to go through her pregnancy with her and be at the birth, spend time with baby now etc all the time I was thinking it should be me first!! We were trying before she was pg and their LO was a happy accident.

    We're on month 16 I think, trying a CBFM for the first month this month and if I make it to Feb which I think will be our 18month mark we will be going to dr's to start tests!

    You might find now you can get your feelings out here it might become a little easier, I find I can post things on here I probably wouldn't even feel comfortable saying to OH.

    Hope you don't have to wait much longer for your BFP xx
  • Hi wannabeamummy.

    I am sorry you feel like this. Even though it is only our first month of TTC I know how you feel. I stopped my depo injection in November 08, thought it would only take a few months for my AF to come back and be PG - how wrong I was?!! Had to wait until August 09 for my AF to come back and with cycles being upto 66 days on the first couple of months - I have said to DH that I want us to actively TTC now. I am so desperate to have another baby (we already have a 4 yr old) but now is more than time for him to have a brother or sister.

    I am really close to a friend at work (we sit next to each other). She came off the pill in May this year, conceived Aug this year - they weren't even really trying...I am so gutted. I thought I would be the first one, shes not even sure her Hubby is really ready but its tough. I feel torn apart and I just wish it was me. I haven't even ov'd yet - Im hoping everything is working ok. I don't want to get too stressed about it all as I know this could have some sort of effect when TTC, but it is hard to feel so frustrated.

    Its been a year since I came off the injection and I wish I did it alot earlier as I didnt realise it would make me feel like this.

    I wish you all the luck and I hope you get your BFP really really soon xx
  • I know exactly how you feel. these things are just meant to happen nice and naturally in good time so when they dont its really depressing and every friend who gets pregnant feels like another blow! we are now on month eleven of ttc but only cycle 7 as my cycle has taken ages to settle after coming off the pill. will keep everything crossed for you that this month is your month (and maybe mine too!) love and baby dust!
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