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it won't let me reply grrr!!

some of it is true. if you monitor your temperature it only tells you afterwards that you have ov'd....but the idea is that you temp for a few cycles and if your cycles are regular it will tell you over time when you are ov'ing. i found it useful as a reassurance that i had ov'd.
and i may be wrong but if you have blood tests that will also tell you whether you have ov'd or not (ie after the event) but don;t quote me on it!

ovulation tests though indicate when you are about to ov - basically when you get a + you are fertile then and for the next day or two.

also monitoring your cm gives an indication of when you are most fertile too.

good luck!! xx

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  • ooooooooohhhhh Thank you mrs_e thats cleared it up for me now.
    I have been trying for 6 mnths you'd think i knew my stuff by now lol!
    Thats why i'm not pg yet lol!
    Thank youuuuu
  • I heard it is the same thing with Basal Therm as well. Thats i why they warn you not to use as type of birth control. That is why u chart them and over a 3+ month period, it should first off, let u know if u r ovulating, and for 2, gives u an idea as to when u r ovulating.
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