where is she??? Think she is here!

I was due AF weds 28th April and she has still not turned up! Have tested and BFN so am not pregnant. I was on the pill til Nov last year (had been on it for about 7 years), was off it til jan (was getting married in march and was due to come on around my wedding so went back on it) then came off it again 29th March had WB and now nothing.

When I came off it in Nov i was 2 weeks late after WB bleed then 1 week late after that. But I dont understand how this time it would be my body re adjusting to coming off the pill as i had already been off it a while then only took it again for 3 months.

Sorry if none of this makes sense!! x

Update - had major cramps today and some very light bleeding. Not sure if this is it or not, must be. Will wait and c if the bleeding gets heavier. So relieved that its turned up, at least i know im getting back to normal after the pill xx

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