any reason for two day periods?

hi ladies

last few months i had two day periods. Stop all of sudden. This month was quite heavy for me and just+stopped after two days. Not a drop after.

Can stress be it?. . Can that affect me having children? Saw few clots too. Was painful also x x


  • i get one like this every few month,mine dont usually last for ages but this month i spotted for 3 days but brown,sorry tmi lol then i had 2 days of a painful period,heavy with a few clots and now nothing
  • I think that is quite normal. I read that the average is 5 days but normal is anywhere between 2-10 days. HTH x
  • my periods are always 3 days long and i had a baby in oct so it certainly doesnt affect your chances of getting pregnant chick image i guess just think yourself lucky that its not a long one!
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