Sat here crying........ i can't be....!

Ok Cd29, approx 11 days past OV i think!? I shouldnt have put POAS this morning, FR and just like last month, a faint line! But managed to get a pic so slightly stronger than last month.

So now i am crying as i am so scared that the same will happen like last month where AF turned up really late! It looked like a chemical pregnancy.

No idea what to do now!!!!I am so scared!

I knew i shoul not have tested but i just could not help myself!!!!


  • Awww hun, there's no reason to think the same will happen again, try and stay calm and keep yourself busy for the next few days.

    I've everything crossed this is it for you! xx
  • Hi Hun. Take a deep breath and go have a sit or lie down. History doesn't always repeat itself. Take a load off your feet, don't panic, test again in a few days. Remember, cramps and stuff are normal in early pregnancy so don't worry yourself or think the worst yet. A line is a line, congratulations and I hope this is the stickiest bean ever xxx
  • *Whispers* congratulations!

    Please don't assume the same thing will happen again as like the others have said, there's no reason to think it will. Sending you loads and loads of sticky baby dust! xxx
  • Oh hunnie please try not to worry. Just take each day as it comes. AF cramps and early preg cramps can feel very similar hun. I got my BFP last Tues and It's only just starting to feel real. Take another test in a few days, if the line is darker then you can start to relax a bit. I've taken 10 now!!! Inc a CBD!! Which said pregnant 1-2. Your not the only one feeling like this hun. I really hope this is your sticky BFP!!!!! Congrats to you!!!! x x x x x
  • Hay hun i know what you mean i had a bfp in june09 and then in aug09 both chemP so this month when i got a BFP i was pooooooping myself but i have found all you can do is chill( u may slap me now for saying chill) and test lots image i have know for a week and done about 12 test including a CBD that said 1-2 weeks but i am still waiting for it to all go really wrong.... My lines r getting darker.... Hope your do to....

    I have no symptoms to speak of i have AF ish cramps and only today do i feel REALLY SICK image am i think i am now 5 weeks

    Really hope i will see you in DID at some point and please dont stress out to much as stress wont help ur bean stay put (thats what i kept telling myself)

    BTW *wispering* congrats xxxx
  • really hoping it's a sticky bean for you

    i had a chem preg in feb and know how totally gutting it is - had tested 4 days early, started spotting 2 days before af was due, and fully heavy bleed day af was due. I counted that as 1 dpo and in march i got my bfp the day before af was due. Like you i was (and am still) petrified that history would repeat itself, but i'm now 6+1. Don't get me wrong i literally hold my breath everytime i go to the toilet, analyse every niggle, panic when my boobs don't hurt as much, and am desperate to feel sick. BUT use this as some pma!!
    my lines were soooo faint in feb (never got darker), in march there was no squinting or anything needed.
    Really hope that this is the same for you and you have a sticky bean and a h&h 9m xxx
  • Thank you so much for all your replies. I am def more paranoid after last month, trying not to get my hopes up at all as i hurt so much last time. I am even angry with myself for testing early again! I wasnt going to test until the 15th!!!!!!!

    I am not feeling too hopeful to be honest as it feels like AF is def on her way...
  • trying82

    I feel like AF is going to get me any moment and i am 5 weeks today image Thats all i feel - AF ish

    Dont give up PMA helps the pud to stick :lol: Test in a few days and i'll be hping the line gets darker for you

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you xxxxxxxxxx

  • thanks gems! I really needed to her that! Now i just need to try and not test again tonight, tom am and pm, next day etc!!! he he he!

    What is nice is that OH is away till sunday so i am not worrying him about this!And it could be a surprise for when he gets back!?

  • I cant help much on the holding out testing part as i have been so bad i have tested everyday and on 2 days 2x a day image

    Dam cheep ebay test and bogof on superdrug image

    Fingers crossed

    +ve thoughts for beany image
  • my oh has banned me from testing anymore!!! thankfully i've now run out of tests, however still got loads of opk's that i can use lol.
    honestly try not worry and take it easy, as gems says everyone in DIN felt like af was coming xxx
  • I am already planning on buying some more FR ones tomorrow! I just hope our bean sticks and holds on tighly!

    It really feels like AF is coming though. Guess i just have to wait!

    OMG i just hope it is our month!!!!
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