Anyone else testing tomorrow? (updated)

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Well I tested this morning and BFN, but since I tested at 4.30am because I got up REALLY needing to pee (sorry, you didn't need to know that) I don't think it was very concentrated.

I tested again this avvo and got the FAINTEST bfp you can imagine, although it did appear within about 5 minutes. It now looks similar to the suspected 'evap line' of yesterday, but did appear more quickly.

I think I'm about 12-dpo, and I tested at this stage with an FR when I was pregnant in June and got quite a clear result quite quickly. To be honest, I think this is a chemical pregnancy. AF is due tomorrow or Thursday and whilst I'm desperately holding out for those lines to get stronger, I'm preparing myself for them not to. I will test again tomorrow and keep you all posted x x x

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I'll be testing tomorrow at about 12/13 dpo. I *think* I may have got the faintest BFP today, not with fmu, on a first response test. I didn't notice it until several hours after the test and I had taken the test apart, but the link is definitely pink, not grey, so I don't think it can be evap. But I'm trying to disregard it, I hadn't even meant to go back to it, just noticed it when I was chucking it away. I'm just desperately waiting until tomorrow morning.

This is cycle 3 after my miscarriage at 10 weeks and it would mean that I'd get through the 12 weeek hurdle before my EDD of 5th March 2010, which is a HUGE thing for me.

Is anyone else with me?!

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  • I wish I was hun but just wanted to say good luck and hope you get your BFP! xx
  • Thanks huni image When are you due to test? Hope you get yours soon, too! x
  • I'm not testing tomorrow- but I just wanted to wish you good luck!!

    Sounds very promising...and I have read that evaps on FR are rare..fingers crossed hun!!

  • I'm only on my first month ttc, would love to be at your stage! Don't forget to keep us posted how it goes tomorrow! xx
  • Good Luck beccaroo, Really hope this is your month,

    Lots and lots of super sticky baby dust x
  • charlie_chalk - that's what I'm hoping, I had also read that evaps on FRs are rare, and I have taken them apart in the past.

    Huni - believe me, you don't wanna be at my stage! We've been trying for 14 months now, though I was pregnant for almost 3 of those months image

    Believe me, you guys will be the second to know (after hubby!) x
  • Heya im on my first month ttc and 1 day late for af. Took 3 cheap ebay tests over 3 days all bfn so think im defo not as only first month ttc. If af doesnt show up by friday which wil b 33 dpo i wil test again with superdrug hpt. Good luck hope it is a bfp image x x
  • hi hun, testing friday or sat when af is due, yours sounds promising!! good luck, look out for you tomorrow for some good news, xxxx
  • Beccaroo I am hoping to test tomorrow if I can bring myself to do it, if not will be doing it Weds. Good luck and hope it works for you. I am 4 days late but tested after 2 and it was negative. Still, not out until the witch arrives!

    Baby dust to all still trying xx
  • Hey becca. I'm just crashing to wish you luck xxxx

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  • Wishing you huge luck beccaroo and Mrs Pointin.

    I'll be watching for your posts.

  • Good Luck keep my fingers crossed for you

  • I'm not testing tomorrow as I'm only on CD11 but just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
    Keep us posted pet! xx
  • I'm testing tomorrow! I'm on CD32 (CD33 tomorrow). Were on month 13 of TTC and I haven't dared test as am sick of being let down every month. DH works offshore and is back tomorrow so have decided to wait until he's home, unless AF arrives in the mean time.

    Good luck!! xx
  • Hi hun, any news, hope its good, little t, thankx sweetie xx
  • Hi Bec

    im not in the same boat as you but didnt want to R&R
    good luck hunny, fingers very tightly crossed that this is your month xxxx
  • i really hope this is your BFP hun xx
  • I really hope this is it hun, i would say try try try your best not to test for 2 more days - by then you should get a really conclusive result!
    Fingers firmly crossed! x
  • hope this is your month hun xx
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