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  • He is sooooo georgeous! Watch out all the pretty girls! xxx
  • hi ladies

    this is my first post in ttc as i'm g/c from baby and planning. ds was a 'surprise' so this is a first for me as i never really paid much attention to what my body does at certain times.

    for the past two months i've been keeping an eye on cycle length, before ds i used to have 28 day cycle, i'm now on my 4th cycle since having him (he's 9 months) but the last one was 33 days and i had seom ewcm around day 18, and then this cycle i had ewcm on day 21.... so not exactly patterned eh? but my question is (i will get there eventually lol) does ewcm appear before, during or after ov? these two months are the only two that i've even eveen noticed having ewcm so i haven't got a clue. we're hoping just to upsi for a while but obv if i know roughly when i'm ov then 'fingers crossed' that shld help too.

    thanks in advance


    bump x

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  • Hello

    I might not be much help really, just wanted to say hello and welcome!

    To be honest I'm not entirely down on the whole ewcm thing, I find it a bit confusing. Hence I use a clear blue fertility monitor!

    But I might be able to help with other questions.....................
  • Hi and welcome *waves*

    It appears just before and during ov hun as it's there to help the swimmers on their way sort of thing image xx
  • Hi All

    I sort of have a similar question and its also about the EWCM - So I saw a little bit about 12 days but wasnt loads - do you think this means I have ovulated? I found out about 3 weeks ago that I have PCOS so wasnt really sure.
  • hi! welcome to ttc! it might be different for everyone but for me i think i get ewcm a day or 2 before i ov as it appears when i first get a positive on my opks and thats supposed to mean you ov in a day or 2 xx
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