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O/T but who......

....would BD the life out of Olly Murs on XFactor???? image

Sorry but if anyone has read any of my threads you will know i am V V horny and OH still hasn't met any needs due to a very heavy AF.

Oooooh Olly and those hip movements......ok i am getting worked up now so i am going to climb into the freezer!!!


Tink xxx


  • PMSL!!!

    He is very cute and can move around very nicely.....

    I'm sure you & OH can come to some other "arrangement" other than BD to keep everyone happy lol xx
  • olly murs is yum.

    Olly murs or food.... hell lets have him on bread image
  • oh yeh i wudnt kick him outa bed. lol rosemary thats like the one in friends . . . woman with bellybutton ring or a big tub a jam . . . put ur hands 2gether lol x x x
  • Beee i LOL'd at that. I love that episode of friends haha!!!!

    As my friend says....i could spread him on cracker YUMMY!!!!

    cbmommy - i like your thinking, he keeps hinting for "favours" but i want a bit if something too :lol:

    Mmmmm Olly, i am keeping my fingers crossed that his Elton John song is a lively one!!!!

  • Ooooh he's on now and it is a lively one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • He is Yummy

    LOL at friends :lol::lol::lol:

    gems xx
  • Sorry but no. Reminds me of Will Young!
    No fitties left now - well apart from the young welsh lad but think i'd be classed as a cougar if i started drooling after him!

  • mrsallen08 have to agree with you!!! his voice is irritating like will young but he does entertain!!!! lol xx
  • Noooooo mrsallen and mrlolly you are BANNED from here now :lol:

    I cant believe you dont like him, those tight trousers and the hips movements *drool*

  • *tink* Just for you :lol::lol::lol:


    That better hun xxxxxxx
  • :lol:

    image yummy yummy in my tummy....well not literally but ya know....mmmmmmmmmmm just look at him, i think if he didnt have the LURVLY hip movements and the tight trousers then i wouldnt be interested. Or maybe i just like everything below the waist image

  • :lol: tink :lol:


    Another week of OLLY xxxxxx
  • Mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm!!! Even his sad faces turns me on a little!!! :lol:

  • YAY!! I loved it when he did wonderful tonight last week, my fave song image

    Did anyone else think X Factor was sad tonight? I sobbed my heart out after they said Lloyd was going, I don't think he should have gone through but he is so sweet bless him. Then when he had to sing at the end OH had to cuddle me because I was crying so bad and I just kept saying they shouldn't make him sing now he's been voted off lol! I'm only 2/3dpo too so I shouldn't be all crazy and emotional yet :lol: This is going to be 1 fun 2ww :lol: xx
  • *Tink* I am going to forgive you from banning me as I think you are still frustrated and thats why you like Olly hahahahaha :lol:

    He was well sweet though when Lloyd was leaving - I thought he was going to ball his eyes out the poor chap!!! xx
  • how very dare you ban me and mrslolly!!! :O

    i hope you know he is seeing stacey from xfactor!!!
  • I apologise mrsallen and mrslolly for banning you. i was in a sexual state :lol: as i haven't BD'ed in what feels like a very long time. I am pleased to say that my ordeal is now over and although i still love Olly my OH is now the man for me image

  • hahahahaha - we knew you never meant so glad your OH has finally relieved you off your tension!!!! hehe xx
  • Haha relieved? NO!!! Helped? YES!!!

    I was in for a full night of passion but because he wanted to watch top gear it ended up been about 20 mins on the (new) sofa (decided we had to christen it image) so i am still pretty frustrated but i am holding off until wednesday now as we are doing the sperm meets egg plan this month!

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