very down

Well further to my "5 days late" posts, my AF came this morning. I just dont know what Im doing wrong, was so hopeful this time, I have never been late before, I am just all over the place now, I can feel the tears coming to my eyes writing this, what more can I do? Maybe I should go to Doc and see what the problem is but what do you say without sounded totally mad? Sorry, just so upset xo


  • Hi Princess

    so sorry to hear you are feeling this way and what you are going through- here is a huge great big hug ((((((((((((((( )))))))))))))))

    im sorry i cant really help as im just starting this TTC stuff, on month 4 but first month with CBFM, so i dont have any really good advise to give yet. (Im worried i might be in the same boat as you come next couple of weeks)

    Maybe if you tell us about yourself we might be able to help more, how long have you been trying? what methods if any to track your OV.
    sorry dont want to come across as nosy - some times it helps to get things off you chest.

    take care and fingers crossed you get your BFP soon xx xxx xxx

  • How long have you been trying for? I was in the same boat as you and they wouldn't see me or do anything until i had been tryig for over a year. He did some bloods for me to check i was ovulating etc out of kindness and everything came back ok but the doctor told me that if i work myself up and convince myself i am pregnant then i will put stress on my body which will in turn make my period late.

    You may think "well this has never happened to me before when i have been stressed" but i was the same. I always had a 31 day cycle and i was stressing a lot but the stress just decided to take it out on my body one month out of about 24.

    Now i don't symptom spot or anything, i wait, do the test and if the result is BFN i look forward to AF for another month of trying.

    I posted on here a while ago as i thought people were stressing a lot. The way i see it, if you get your BFN then i know it is upsetting BUT then AF turns up so i think we should be grateful that she is giving us a chance to TTC for another month. There are some ladies out there (me included) who don't get regular periods (mine have now decided to play up and my last cycle was 59 days) therefore we don't have the chance to TTC monthly like some ladies.

    Just be glad AF is here to give you another chance this month and you will get your BFP one day hun.

    I hope you don't think that was a "telling off" or anything, i just think there are people out there worse off (the ladies in LTTTC for example)

    Tink xx
  • Sorry to hear that you are feeling this way hun
    Hope you get your bfp soon xx
  • Thanks tink and littlebug!

    I went off the pill when we got married in September 2008 and decided to just see what happened for a while but really been trying hard for the last 6 months or so, ov tests etc. Been taking folic acid since went off pill as well, so would that constitute a year and should I go to Doc?

    I realise there are lots of people worse off than me, my sister has been trying for many years and has had several miscarriages, but sometimes it is hard when you are disappointed xo My husband is very supportive though sometimes you need to speak to girls about it dont you xo I know your not being cross but please know I am not moaning really,just disappointed and had to get it off my chest, sorry xo
  • Thanks sara, I really hope so too xo
  • really sorry to hear about AF, know it''s difficult, but try not to stress about it and you and oh just enjoy the process of trying and it will happen. This is what we did after 7 months trying before we had out little girl. And I read somewhere consuming honey helps and oh took med from Holland and Barrett for stronger swimmers.

    try not to stress and it will happen soon
  • Oh i understand that you aren't moaning sweetie.

    You could maybe go see your doc. He/She will probably be able to tell you a little more than us. Sometimes it does just take time but if i doc can ease your mind a little or help then i suggest going. It is what i did and the blood tests to show i ovulated helped me a lot. Now i know i just have to wait my turn!!! xx
  • Hi mother one, what is the name of the stuff for stronger swimmers, I will mention to hubby xo will try not to stress about it, its hard sometimes though xo

    Hi tink, yes gonna go to doc, sure he could reassure me maybe, sometimes I worry that it might be in the genes with my sis and that but will just keep ttc, good fun anyway xo
  • just sent a txt to oh to check, will let you know soon
  • Hi - oh not sure, but think it was Zinc and something else... sorry know I'm not helping here, but it was a while ago 2007. I googgle and found this site

    Also, pop into your local Holland and Barrett to and ask GP.

    You prop don't need anything anyway,fingers crossed for you next month

  • Sorry your feeling down, i know exactly how you feel...I got so upset when the witch caught me a few weeks back, my poor hubby came home and thought something serious had happened lol.

    Im trying not to ss this month an my hubby is on zinc...if we dont see our bfp before the new year then im thinking its time to see the doc altho i know he will tell me to lose weight image
  • Thanks Bryony, Im sorry to hear the witch came (I like that expression) I talked to hubby last night and we have decided to leave it til after xmas before going to the doctor as well as it is quite near now so might as well enjoy the xmas period, but will keep trying in the meantime!

    Im sure you will be okay when you go to the docs as well, hope it goes well with the doctor when you go xo
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