what wait is the worst.lol

i am now about cd3 or 4, im trying not to count to much this month but i have decided that i think i would rather be on the 2ww than waiting for ov. at least in the 2ww i can symptom spot.lol.lol.lol.

what bout everyone else, which is worse.xxx


  • Definitely worse waiting for OV! Cos I'm always worried in case I don't ovulate. Plus I totally agree with you on the ss front!! x
  • its a tricky one but i think i'd have to go with the 2ww (definately the 1ww) coz at least when you're waiting for ov you can bd and it might be doing some good whereas in the 2ww you're powerless!
  • I think the 2ww for OV - as cookiesandcream says - when you in the 2ww for AF you are completely powerless!! I think I have jsut OVd so here comes the secon 2ww for me image
  • I agree with you there, although I'm in the 2ww now and it's unbelievable-every twinge, every vein in my boob...every smell I don't like...I'm spotting EVERY silly little thing I wouldn't normally. Hubby and I agreed that we would just be cute chilled out with TTC and we have been, but over the last week I'm going nuts and hubby is trying to pick up on everything!!!!
  • ive not done any waiting yet...this is our first month but im not looking forward to the 2 weeks after ovulation, im so impatient but im determined only to test if af is late! ...:roll:
  • 2ww for ov, at least the bfp 2ww you could possibly be pregnant! Now we don't even have an egg! lol! xxx
  • 2ww/1ww is worst as im a worrier and obsessed at ss and spend the time wondering if we did the deed on the right days etc, not doing myself any favours i know but its so difficult lol
  • thats the way i feel cass, im always worried that we have bd too much before ov and used up all oh's swimmers.lol.

    i do hate the 2ww but i hate this time of the month coz i have along cycle and now have to wait till day 20ish before i ov.lol.xxx
  • Im in the 1ww now and its killing me. My pma varies day to day, im constantly ss-ing although i think that apart from a few twinges and being completely forgetful (ive actually lost the house keys today)and not being able to get sentences out i don't have any symptoms.
  • I hate all the waiting as since coming off the pill I still don't know when I am waiting for OV and when I am in the 2ww!!! I am now on CD44 after my last cycle was 8 weeks!

  • Agggr I'm in my 2nd 2ww and I hate hate hate it! Feel so stressed all the time and constantly ss.
    At least I get to poas whilst waiting for ov without feeling bad!
  • def def def 2ww!!! Day 40something and no ov...... image
  • depends on the month. when I am busy and preoccupied they are both OK, otherwise 2ww is worse as I OV on cd12/13 ish so not too long after AF leaves the house(AF lasts 7days since I came off pill)
    this month I managed not to get impatient, haven't even counted DPOs so only looked it up when I read this thread. So am 11dpo and haven't SSed at all *looks proud*
  • Im with shuck! Depends which month. This month I dont mind waiting to ov cos we are super PMA and 'ready for action!' lol Also after I ov I have a trip to the theatre and a mates birthday plus normal work which will keep me occupied.
    **This is my theory anyway! Im sure by CD 22 I will be pulling my hair out and SSing like a mad woman! Aaahh us TTC'ers are a strange breed!**
  • Good thread... I think that the wait for OV is the worst as I worry if we have BD'd enough .. also I OV late in my cycle so it always seems like ages until the elusive BFP.

    ..however I am now in the 2ww at 3dpo, its our 8th mth TTC and I am starting to get worried. xx
  • im waiting for af sometime this wk (if my cycle is on time!)its the worst wait cos im sure im getting pre-period pains and becoming a moody buggar (pmt) me and my oh decided to chill about ttc and enjoy ourselves but its now becoming obsessive for both of us xx
  • Great post Angel100. I'm CD6 today and I'm just wiling OV time to come quick! Mind you, once that's been and gone, I'll be wishing the 2ww away - we can't win can we?! xx
  • can someone explain what 2ww or 1ww means please?
  • Ok I have to say i am not enjoying waiting for ov at all! come on little eggy!! xx
  • I hate the 17 month wait the most :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I think i hate the wait for OV the most as i am always stressing out..... Am i OV have i missed OV am i BD at the right time........... At least in the 2ww i can chill out coz its to late :lol:



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