is anyone TTC after having an IUD removed?

Hello ladies,

I am new to this site and just wondered if there are any ladies in the same boat as myself? I still have my IUD fitted and my husband and I have planned to start trying for a baby after our two week holiday of a lifetime in May. I just wondered if anyone has had their IUD removed and is having any luck. My Family planning GP says that my fertility should return back to normal as soon as it is removed as i have an IUD with no hormonal release. Were you advised of the same?



  • Littlewolf sorry to hear that I am sure it will happen for you. Were you advised that your fertility would return back to normal after removal? i have to say i am a little worried about having it removed etc
  • Me image Only on month 2 of trying as I waited until my periods had settled down a bit after I had it removed in September. It was a progesterone releasing one, so that made things a little more complex.

    It didn't hurt at all coming out. Not like going in... that was ickky.

    Good luck image
  • Hi greeneyedgirl

    I had a IUD removed about 2 years ago, the copper one, and i was advised that my fertility would return straight away and to use alternative contraception if I didn't want to get pregnant.

    Hope this helps.

    V xxx
  • adelicia i totally agree with having the IUD fitted, it was the most uncomfortable position to be in, my periods were so heavy for many months after and painful!

    Vicsy did you fall pregnant quickly? i cant wait to have it removed!image
  • I am reassurred that the removal is far better than the fitting now, i was a little scared! Thanks Ladies
  • Hi ive had it removed twice and each time conceived in the 1st month of trying!!( we are very lucky). And im getting it removed again as we are going ttc in july when my ds is 1.My gp must hate
    good luck hun.
    luv clare
  • Hi there, at the time I didn't want to get pregnant, and had it out because it had been in 2 years and I didn't have children so they would only leave it in that long, so had it took out and had the mirena put in a couple of months later.

    This is our first real month of trying so hopefully I'll fall quickly.

    It doesn't hurt having it removed either, you just cough and they pull it, they did give me an injection to stop it from hurting as much.

    V xxx
  • Wow Mummy.2.5 howlucky are you! I only hope i am as lucky! I do have a 6 year old with my husband and never found the right time to try for baby No 2 but now we are much more prepared than the first time around which was a surprise to us both! I feel like I am so out of touch with the whole pregnancy cycle i feel like i am doing this for the first time which effectibly i am! i never experience contractions/labour or giving birth to my daughter as i had appendicitis during my 38 week and the medical decision was to have a c-section so less harm was caused to the baby!

    I am new to the planning stages and labour! i can raise a child though lol!
  • Vicsy good luck with TTC. If only everything pregnancy was as easy as a caugh!

    I have booked my appointment with my family planning GP to have the IUD removed at the end of May. wish me luck!
  • i had my mirena taken out mid jan and had af 3 days later!! still waiting for the next one! I was also told fertility returns straight away but also to wait a cycle to allow the womb to get back to normal! i didn't listen to that though!! lol

    good luck!
  • Just joined forum tonight so hi everyone.

    Have my marina coil removed on the 4th Feb and still no period, nothing at all. Going to wait 1 more week until i do test just in case. either way i'll be buying a pregnancy test or a ovulation test. Reading all the posts it seems that most people had something with in a couple of weeks and i have had nothing. I didn't ovulate at all on Marine except about once a year for a few hours. What is your opinion? do you think the marina messes with things?
  • Thanks GreenEyedGirl

    I know, just a cough, lol. I will keep my fingers crossed for May for you.

    Suziesue, when I had my mirena out my periods came back very quickly, they said because the amount of hormones on the coil, it doens't affect things that badly. I would give it another week or so and see what happens. Good luck

    V xxxx
  • I had trouble with mine last year but I had it changed and was fairly regular! This time I had it taken out when I knew af was on her way! On cd 35 and have no clue when I ov'd!

    Hope something happens for you soon!

  • I have to say i am as regular as clockwork with the IUD even more so then i was on the pill.

    Good luck to all of you TTC.

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