How was your weekend?

Hi girls

How are you all today? I had a good weekend though got sooooo drunk on Saturday night which was horrid. I stayed over at a friends house and was sick three times that night and then got up and left at 8 in the morning as I felt so bad got home and sick till about 1pm that afternoon image

In fact I still feel a bit sick today!!! It was a good weekend though but i am giving up drink and I truly mean that. I have not really drunk the last three months apart from the end of year drinks at work i let my hair down after my BFN so apart from that once and then Saturday night i have not drunk. It;s the worst feeling in the world and soooo not worth it.

How was your weekends?

K xx


  • I went camping with my oh in Cornwall - idyllic apart from the cows in the same field were noisy and woke us up at 5am!

    Hangovers stink. I try to think about that fact each time I'm tempted to have a drink....
  • Oh cool I love camping and I love cornwall as wellimage

    I know it really was the most awful feeling, I am never like that after drink and I never even had that much?? i have such a sore chest this morning ;-(

    K xx
  • I spent most of saturday gardening with the children, which was lovely, although i did all the work they just played! lol. I went to a christening on sunday and then spent more time in the garden catching a few rays. All in all it was a really nice relaxing weekend. Hope you feel better soon K-lou. [email protected] Flush30 with the noisy cows, you would think that they would be a bit more considerate!! lol. xxx
  • morning girls
    i was out friday & sat, not really hung over, nothing wrong with me that another 10 hours sleep wouldn't fix!!!
    had a really nice time with my sisters on friday went to see satc, after having dinner at mine!!
    then out for another girly night with mates on sat while oh went into town with his mates, he struggled to get a taxi then we sat up talking for ages, didn't get to sleep till nearly 5am, the sun was coming back up!!!!!! lol!!!
    so if anyone is looking for me today i will be sleeping under my desk!!
  • K-Lou - I bet the hangover was bad because you've lowered your tolerance to booze! I can really tell after two months of hardly drinking that two glasses of wine and I'm so tipsy!
  • I've had a lovely one thankyou. Though lo was in an awful mood on saturday, even after an afternoon nap which is rare for her now. I did wonder if she was sickening for something and she had some spots yesterday so I expected her to be covered with chickenpox today but they havent developed! Had a lovely tea at my mums on saturday then gardened for most of the day yesterday(still loads to do!). Lo went out with her dad in the afternoon so I got more done without her!!!lol.
    Hope you're soon feeling better K-lou. The last hangover I had I was pg but didnt know.Thats almost 4 years since and I cant stomach more than two drinks now!!xx
  • I really am never drinking again I just felt like i was dying yesterday though I do feel so much better today.

    Roll on friday my OV day woo hoo LOL

    k XX
  • Hey everyone! Glad to hear it was good weekends all round. I feel for you K-lou as I have really lowered my alcohol tolerance by not drinking as much as I used to! I had a couple of glasses of wine on Saturday and was drunk! I didn't feel bad the next day but I was very vocal about my opinions which I am never normally like unless I've had a few drinks! We were out for a curry with friends so I am just hoping they are speaking to me still!!

    Danipink - I saw SATC last weekend. It was brilliant! Everything I hoped for and more!! Did you enjoy it? Any tears? I thought I was going to sob my heart out at the reunion on the bridge! (I'll say no more in case people haven't seen it!)

    S xx
  • I overdid the wine too 'cos drowning my sorrows after af showed up uninvited, but thankfully didnt have a hangover from it.

    I have not sworn off vino, and wont be until I see that bfp! but I dont drink much anyway, just a couple of glasses on a Fri/Sat night usually! x
  • Had a great weekend,went to see the Foo Fighters at Wembley who were amazing! Spent the night in London which was nice,picked up lo who was overnight at my mum and dad's but he was really grizzly which isn't like him at all.
    Had a temp last night and is still not right this morning.We are off on holiday on Friday so i'm just hoping it's a cold and he'll be fine!!
  • I can' t do drink anymore I get a hangover for a week!! My lo has chicken pox so oh had her and saturday I went to the foo fighters at wembley and that was amazing!! Sunday it was a quick trip downto wales for my mum's 50th birthday lunch and today I am tidying up, woring and looking after lo x
  • I just don;t fancy it anymore, I was drinking on saturday night thinking to myself i am not actually enjoying this drink i am drinking to be social??

    I just think it will stop me feeling that way ever again and it will save me money LOL

    I LOVED the sex and the city movie i want to watch it again!!

    k xx
  • loved satc didn't want it to end and yes i cried like a baby so many times!!!

    but i cry at anything & everything!!
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