a few questions

Hi everyone, I am a ttc newbie and just have a few questions.

1.I have just come off the pill, and was wondering and I am going to start tcc straight away. How long did it take for your period to come back? I am on microgynon, and have been for the last 3 years.

2. did you have any side effects after coming off the pill?

3. did anyone get a quick BFP after coming off the pill? I have been reading that it can take a while to get the pill out of your system

4. how will I know if I'm ovulating? What are the signs?

5. how often should oh and I bd? and when should this start?
Sorry if I sound a bit clueless :roll:


  • Hi MrsFS
    I was on microgynon for 12 years and came off last June. I became really moody after i came off the pill but that really the only side effect i had (although it was hubby who told me i was moody). AF came back almost straight away and I think it probably took about 3 months for my AF (period) to get back to normal but everyone is different so yours may get back to "normal" a lot quicker.
    Signs of ovulation again can be different for everyone but most common signs are sticky egg white cervical mucus (EWCM) and a rise in temperature. I havent been tracking my temps (BBT) but quite a few people on here do. I also get OV pains a couple of days before i am about to OV so helpful for me but i dont think everyone gets them.
    I would BD as opften as possible if i were you as if you are not sure when you ovulate then will be difficult to pinpoint when to BD.

    Good luck and hope the above helps

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