Roll up Roll up!! BOGOF is back!!!

Just been doing some christmas shopping and popped into Boots to arm myself with some ov tests for next cycle (this is a month off cycle).

As I was weighing whether to get the CBD's or the boots own I noticed that First Response are on BOGOF!
That's HPT's and OPK's!!

Go grab 'em ladies - time to stock up ready for all those Christmas BFP's!!!!!! image


  • That's good, gona have a sneaky look online now!!

    How are you sweetie, long time, how was your break from be? x
  • Hiya Lau, I'm good thanks hunny - well as good as I can be I guess.
    Only a mini break - we decided to not "actively" ttc this month - first and foremost because the constant rollercoaster was getting me down - especially after every symptom in the book followed by an early AF image

    Secondly cos my lo's birthdays are in August so wanted to avoid if poss!!

    But kinda back - AF due 13th dec and then it's rock and roll!!

    How are you??
  • Ahh I know what you mean hun, sometimes it's nice to not actively ttc think that's what were doing this month! Hope your feeling a little better hun.

    I dont know were to start really, in a bad mood we had our follow up appt yesterday & was supposed to get all our test results back. We waited 2 hours & was in there 5 mins as all the results arent ready as theyve had a backlog!!! My hormone, thyroid & clotting tests were fine but the genetic & lupus test arent ready & will have to wait until Feb to get those back!!! I had been feeling really good about the appt & my PMA was doing great & now it's taken a huge nosedive, just feel like the goal is always getting further & further out of reach!!! xx
  • Oh hun! What a bunch of daftnoses they are!! Surely they would have known these tests weren't back and could have deferred the appointment for a couple of weeks! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! )))dr's with god complexes((((

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