LP question?!

Hi ladies,

Just wondering how long an lp can get before it causes problems??

I am pretty sure i ov'd cd16 (maybe 14 or 15) as i had af type cramps, lots of cm and increased sex drive around this time. I am now on cd33 with no sign of AF and BFN. We used the withdrawal method this month so i doubt it's BFN although i did have spotting from cd21-23.

I keep thinking af has arrived but when i go to the loo it's just lots of cm? :\?

I'm confused because now my lp is 17 days minimum?


  • I've only had one natural cycle and that was 30days. I have all the signs of pregnancy but because we used withdrawal method i know it's highly unlikely. I've tested once and BFN which i expected.

    LP is Luteal Phase- the time between OV and AF. Ideally it should be around 14 days (i think) but i think certain lengths can be a concern but not sure what?
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