christmas day af

hi ladies i was woundering if any one is expeting there af christmas day the way mine will fall is ither the day before or on the day i really hope it dosnt come as i dont want it to spoill my day trying not to think about it and trying to stay posative any one elss the same.x


  • No, not due xmas day but all I really really really want for xmas is my AF!!!!

    Am still waiting for my first AF after coming off pill, now on CD44 and cannot wait fit it to come so we can start properly trying for a baby.

    Please please pretty please can I have my AF for xmas?!!! x
  • mines due xmas eve image and i am going to get a BFP and AF wont need to come for xmas :lol: :lol:

    Hope she stays away for you 2 x
  • I think I might be due on Xmas Eve also, not too sure tho as this is my 1st month after coming off the pill. I think I was a fairly regular 28 days before going on the pill but that was a long, long time ago lol!! Good luck everyone whether you want AF to visit or not!
  • Mines due 21st Dec so hopefully I too am going to get a xmas BFP and AF wont rear her ugly head.

    Good luck everyone xx
  • Hey all....its been pretty long since i've been on here...just taking things easy and enjoying some quality time with OH. Just getting my mind off things. I just came across this thread now and i went to AF is due on christmas day on!.:lol: Of cos I hope she doesnt rear her ugly head..i could think of a better way to spend xmas instead of moping. I got my smiley face yesterday and we bd'd here's keeping everything crossed for all of us and hoping its a very merry xmas!:
  • Well atleast you got your smiley face...Im on cd17 and no smiley face yet!!! Its driving me bloody mad!!!
  • Mines due Xmas eve... But isnt going to arrive as i'm going to get my BFP!

  • mine is due boxing day!...mine came xmas day last year I was not happy! but used to it now ...good luck everyone
  • mine is due to Boxing day 2, Ive even arranged to drive everyone to my sister's christmas day just in case so there can be no awkward questions. PMA defo get bfp this month, will not be happy if its a bfn and i can't drink to console myself tho haha
  • I have a feeling about this month ... dont know why after all the months of trying i nevr feel positive but I do this must be all the lovely ladies on here!! it would be wonderful if it was good news for all of us...will you test or wait until AF is late?

  • Mine is due anytime onwards from Boxing day, but I'm being positive like the rest of you and hoping this is my month for a BFP.

    I'm going to try and hold off on testing just so i don't get disappointed but i'll still not be drinking just in case.

    Good luck to everyone xx
  • I'm a bit different. Think I will ovulate on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day...............and we're staying with my inlaws!!!


  • Hey moon&stars, i was living at my MIL's when i fell pregnant back in March (after 15 months of trying). We were staying there while doing our house up and I put it down to not bd'ing as much and not getting out of bed for a wee straight after bd'ing, didn't want to be running down her hallway in the nuddy!! So, make the most of it, it could happen!! Good luck xx
  • Mine originally was due on xmas day...but last month my AF was 5days has now put my AF back to the 29th!......I defo won't be getting a BFP for xmas though as my hubby is away on business right now and unless he fed-ex's me some swimmers home in time for the 17th Dec......i'm defo not going to get pregnant this month image

    Onwards to a January BFP!!

    PP84 x
  • Think I will hold off testing too fed up with all the negatives... not to mention the cost of tests! I say that every month but I can never seem to wait !
  • My xmas wish has come true!!

    AF arrived today which means I will be ovulating over xmas!! This may be the best xmas DH has ever had!!


    Hope AF stays away over xmas for all of you! xxx
  • Good luck Amber xx
  • no drinking for him on Xmas day Amber! good luck
  • hey,

    this happened to me last year - and sure enough the witch arrived on Christmas day!

    i am expecting her again this year but hoping that she will not be around after Jan!

  • Mines due xmas day! But seeing that I'm oving on my birthday and af due xmas day its only fair she doesn't show up!!!
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