anyone else trying to lose weight whilst ttc?

hey ladies, just wondered if anyone was in the same boat as me with trying to lose weight. i packed on a huge 3/4 stone with my pregnancy with my son and ive now started trying to lose it (also to increase fertility) im just wondering, when u get ur bfp will u stop or will u add on the extra 500 calories or however many u have to eat extra?
I read it is safe to lose weight in pregnancy if you are eating enough calories and a good balanced diet and my "diet" is just consisting of eating the right calories and no junk/binges so its not an "extreme" diet or anything. first weigh in is thursday so I hope I lose a couple of pounds!



  • hi, not yet ttc, but will be next month, at the moment i'm trying to shift as much baby weight as i can before then, and then i'll go onto a more gentle 'diet'. also ur only supposed to 'eat for two' in the last trimester, and even then its only an extra 200 calories a day u need (equiv to a standard mars bar lol) xx
  • I'm trying to lose weight too, I'm a size 14/16 but am heavy with it. I read you only needed an extra 50 calories, not sure though.

    Good luck xx
  • Hay hun, I have been on a diet for 2 weeks and have lost 12lb and i dont plan on stopping even when i get a bfp. My birth mother had Diabetes so i will have to watch what i eat and eat careful anyway.
    When i get a bfp i will ask the doc what is best but i am sure i have a long way and as i am on month 17 no bfp for me anythime soon x

    Gems x
  • Yup, im trying to get healthy too. Mostly its lifestyle changes like filling up on fruit and veg as well as drinking all the water you are supposed is so hard for me!!!
  • yep i started at slimming world 2 weeks ago. had 1st weigh in last week and lost 6 pounds. so im going to be sticking to this even if i get my + as im overweight and its unhealthy. you can eat loads of food it just happens to be healthy. i seen my last pregnancy as an excuse to eat what i wanted when i wanted and put on too much weight and have not managed to lose it all. but the idet i am on is healthy enough to stick to during pregnancy. just hope i dont get a craving for ginger nut biscuits like last time!!!
  • oh and forgot to add, slimming world and weight watchers both offer plans for those that are pregnant and breastfeeding too, so if u want a safe 'diet' for when pregnant maybe tahts somehting to look into xx
  • Oh yes, i'm always on a diet!! I joined slimming world before Xmas and lost a stone in 3 weeks, but i've put it back on over xmas and haven't been back!! Your thread may just be my motivation to go back tomorrow night and start again!! I'm making a start today though, special k for brekkie and lots of fruit to snack on at my desk!! I need to lose at least 4 stone!!! Good luck with the weight loss and with TTC xx
  • Hi I'm also trying to move the pounds I joined slimming world and find this a realy good for me as I love the pasta. This also takes my mind of babies for a bit .xxx
  • I'm trying to lose a bit (a stone) before we start trying for our first baby - although i'm not sure if I lose some now that will mean I will pile it on as soon as I get pregnant? I eat a huge amount and enjoy a glass of wine so do you think I may be better off just eating healthily during the pregnancy rather than trying now? I just hope the weight doesn't go to my face! x
  • I share the same dream wanna-Bump! Heres hoping for a lovely bump and a slim everything else!

    Whats really worrying me is not that i am overweight now (just a bit tooo curvy!) but the stories of people who have easily put on more than a couple of stone....I suppose it will just be another surprise to see how my body responds! Joy!
  • Wow so many people in the same boat! I am on my mobile so will reply properly tonight when my wee boy goes to bed.

    I'm desperate for me not to go the same way as I did when I was preg. I went from a slim size 10, skinny jeans nice tops dresses etc and now I'm a small 16 living in baggy jeans and tent like tops lol!! I stuffed my face and took real advantage of eating for 2. Also carried alot of fluid all over my face hands ankles everything was fat, refuse 2 be like that again. I am 5"4 and 13 stone...hoping for 10 stone for a healthy bmi image I sometimes wish I'd grow a bit cus then I wouldn't have to lose as much lol!! X
  • well ladies I thought id be sneaky and weigh myself this morning and ive not even lost 1lb!!!! argggggggggggggggh :x:x:x:cry: i am SO dissapointed! this will be day 5 and not one sodding single 1lb. Now Im questioning if im allowing myself too many calories? im doing between 1,270 - 1,620 a day?

    really going to start moving my bum around more so im gonna dig out the work out dvds and get moving!

    im so confused...when im ill and i dont eat for one day I will lose 2lbs+ and I just dont get how ive not lost anything :\( i have been on antibiotics but I dont see how they would make me gain weight or make losing weight hard because ive not been stuffing my face...

  • Hi Ladies,

    I'll join in too please! Also doing WW and have lost nearly 2.5 stones in the last year, one more stone to go and I'll be a healthy BMI woo hoo!!

    I too share the dream of a perfect baby bump, but I know I'm just going to end up looking like the marshmallow man lol.
  • Don't be too disheartened Emilie- it's early days yet. Remember that with weight, the slower it comes off, the longer it stays off image You really don't want to be losing rapidly as that's not sustainable.

    Antib's won't have a direct impact on weight-loss in themselves but they can affect your appetite. Believe it or not, sometimes you can actually eat to little to lose weight as your body goes into starvation mode. (Coincidently, that's why I love weight watchers as you don't eat an arbitrary calorie level but a point value that is appropriate for your own weight and lifestyle).

    When you lose weight rapidly through illness, that is generally because of fluid shift rather than fat. Fat loss can often take a week or 2 so definitely leave it a week before weighing in and also be patient because if you really have been good, then weight-loss will show on the scales soon! I'm great at dishing out this advice but I don't always follow it. There was 3lb of weight difference on my home scales between 7am and 8.30am today which proves just how much your weight can fluctuate based on hydration levels and "the need to stool" (aka poo! Sorry to be crude but it does make a big difference).

    One tip I'd give you is to keep a close eye on saturated fat levels as well as calories as they can be higher than you think on low cal food and this will stop your body metabolising and getting rid of the fat deposits that you want removing.

    All the best x

    Thanks. My OH said the same, that it takes time. I dont have time :lol:

    I'm using a meal planner type thing ( and you put in your goal weight and your lifestyle and it tells you how many calories you should eat including your fat & sat fat daily limit, your protein daily goal, carbs limits etc etc.

    Im going to keep going, but perhaps move a little more as well as eating a little less. I know from when I went to WW that I was to eat 21 points (Im a stone heavier now so may be less) but Im not sure what the equates to in cals. Was going to go back to WW but thought Id try and save money and do it on the free meal planner as from what I thought WW is basically the same thing (calorie controlled diet) I might have to invest in better scales too...mines are the ones with a dial that shift around alot and need reset etc. Yes...I shall blame it on the scales! lol image
  • Hi Ladies,

    I'll join in too please! Also doing WW and have lost nearly 2.5 stones in the last year, one more stone to go and I'll be a healthy BMI woo hoo!!

    I too share the dream of a perfect baby bump, but I know I'm just going to end up looking like the marshmallow man lol.

    marshmallow man :lol:
  • I joined ww in april last yr and nearly lost a stone. Hubbys work hrs changed so i couldnt attend as it is around my los bedtime. I was doing ok, put on about 4llb but i expected it. since Christmas and lots of sweets and biscuits in the house om back to where i was grrr. Im a stone heavier than before i fell pg with my daughter, although this probably has something to do with the fact that i dont do regular excersise. My friends has tried reasuuring me that when lo2 comes along (when!) i will be running after 2 and burning it off - i hope so!

    I know wimy my lo i used to eat choco and biscuits and things knowing that I could. When I get my bfp i will snacking on the tinned fruit in the cupboard and making sure I only eat fruit and dirnk in between meals.

    Despite knowing i wont to ttc next month ahsnt helped my motivation grr! I wont my flatter stomach back and lose weight off my chin!
  • Hi hun,

    I did the GI diet 2 years ago, I lost three stones over that time without exercise. Was a size 18/20, now a size 14/16. After my wedding in July I put half a stone back on. So am currently trying to eat healthily and do some wii fit when I can, loosing weight is a real bugger! xxx
  • bumping this up after going shopping yesterday and realising a size 16 jeans no longer do up on me

    i almost cried in the changing room :/(

    so monday im determined to start again and do some exercise every day even if its only walking to asda for some milk!!

  • oh fairy dust dont be sad. Ive had moments like that, its so bad!!

    I kinda fell off the bandwagon so we can start again on Monday all fresh and new again!!!

  • dont give up ladies. just think that it doesnt matter if it takes you a month or 4 months the aim is the same, sexy mummies with gorgeous bumps. i had my 2nd weigh in at SW on mon and have lost 7lbs in 12 days. really pleased with that as i havent been able to shift anything since baby was about 8 weeks old. got a long way to go but its a step in the right direction.
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