MPP - we need a catch up :lol:

Hi hun

How was lakes, what did you get up to? (spare me the details he he) image did you get plenty of alone time?

Well only a week on wed till we go away for our anniversary I cant wait, still not organised clothes wise.

Whats new? we have bought a new car at the weekend well an 04 focus 1.8 tdi but we have our family car woop woop :lol: now just need a baby to put in the back seat.

I cant stop obsessing about what it would be like to be a mother, am driving myself nuts!!!

Oh well no OPK's for us from now on relaxed approach all the way, think am due to ov on holiday and not even sure when AF is due due to irregular cycles.



  • Hiya,

    it was lovely, only BD'd once coz of that dodgy bleed on and off, kept my mind off it most of the time coz i had no choice but to wait till its stopped.

    Woohoo you got your car :\) At least thats one of the most expensive things sorted and now just waiting for that BFP!

    I keep thinking about what id be like as a mother and i keep going over and over in my head how my parents and my friends reactions would be when i tell them.
    My dad was telling me he wanted to put a porch on their house and he said jokingly that maybe we could fit our pram in it, i think hes trying to hint for us to hurry up. hehe

    Well im certainly done with the OPK's and i mean literally :lol: coz i used my last one today, I couldnt help it, but at least my drawer is empty now and i should calm down. It was almost +, just a tad lighter.

    So many BFP announcements, i can see it getting to me soon image

  • Yeah I know what you mean its month 6 for us or 5 because of long cycles..............getting harder not easier!!

    It will be our turn soon I promise!! how old are you hun? I am 30, 31 in Oct so I need to get a push on.

    Yeah well I only have a w reg clio at the moment its been a good car but on its last legs so timing is right to get a new car and a 5dr family car, diesel is more mpg so hopefully it will be fairly economical.

    Have had so much on my mind not really had much time to think about babies apart from when am on BE!! Weddings, birthdays, holiday, new car!!! trying to get bills paid off my head is spinning!!

  • Hey girlies!!!

    I am gatecrashing your thread!!! He he!!!

    I can honestly say 1 million per cent I had got to the point if giving up ttc as it had been 19 months with a 6 month break!! With my stupid cycles I thought it would never happen!!

    It will happen for you both! It better anyway!! He he!!

    Me and hubs are thinking of swapping our cars!! I have a p reg astra which I love but it's of an age now and we were thinking of a focus!! Hubs wants to swap his mondeo petrol lover for a smart car!!! Lol

    I will be hounding you both until I see you announcements!! He he

  • Aw its ok youve still got plenty of time, Im 25 and 26 in october but hubby is 30 so we getting a move on for his sake.

    I think its our third month or fourth not sure :lol: Ive lost count, Ive been looking on ebay, i might buy a CBFM. Ive been looking at hpts too, but arent they really rubbish?


  • I had no idea you were trying for so long, Just goes to show with our dodgy cycles it can happen.
    Did you do anything special? How did you know when to test?

    Saw your post in DIJ, what a pain in the butt that receptionist was. I was gonna ask, coz i was wondering why they wanted you to see a midwife so quickly. Was there anything wrong?

  • Hi JC and splodge (cool name for bump) he he ** waves like a looney!!

    Glad your keeping an eye on us I so hope we can all be reunited soon in pregnancy!! yeh would be fab.

    MPP have you done any HPT's with you still getting pos OPKS weird I wonder whats goin on.

    I have gave up POAS for now as done an ebay cheapie on sat morning and guess what a bloody really very faint line came up they are so thin I could hardly see it but it appeared after 5 mins.

    I am also getting wet feeling of cm down below again have had this ever since nausea, sore back, sore nipples I ever going to get two lines I can call a BFP.

    Am saving myself to do a test before I go on hol as I would want to know one way or the other before I go abroad.

    Good luck xx
  • Hey!!!
    No I didn't do anything special! I did a random ov stick 2 weeks ago and it was pos but we had bd the night before!!!

    It was the nausea and sore boobs that told me to test!!! Lol

    doc wants me to be seen cos of irregular cycles and not knowing how far along I am!!!

    If it can happen for me it will happen fir you!!!

  • Aw thanks hun heres hoping am starting to feel a bit deflated now and cant even be bothered to look forward to new car and holiday.............just want a baby!!!

    I know i should be grateful and happy but I just feel really down and like life has nothing to offer me at the moment. Am hoping a nice relaxing break will bring me round.

  • I didnt think that i could ever put this TTC stuff aside when we went away, somehow i did. I think once your holiday starts, you will just naturally relax. You will be so occupied in what your doing whilst away (and i dont mean that hehe)
    When i came home I actually thought am i really ready for this coz i enjoyed myself so much being away from the house and everyone.
    Once i came back on BE it just came flooding back and now im constantly paranoid thinking im pg again, I look up every single symptom on google and spend hours searching. I never knew i was so obssessed. Hubby is right i need to switch off from it coz it could make me ill :lol:

    I am generally addicted to this site, like i was to yayw but it is a bad influence, you are all a bad influence to me! hehe :lol:

  • Sorry for being a bad influence hun he he.

    Hope you get your BFP soon.

    Having 'date night' tonight with hubs scheduled some time in so wont be on later ha ha.

    Going to be busy he he xx
  • Forgot to say I caved and done a CBD on tues morning and it was BFN so am not going to bother testing now until AF late or due next time think am due to OV CD21 if same as last month so thats this saturday woop woop

    Not using OPK's but that means am going to be on a 2ww on holiday so hopefully by time I get back i wont have as long to wait for AF/BFP.

    Are you still getting pos OPK's, have you been back to the docs?

  • Hiya,

    Hope you had a nice time last night, I was offline too, i got dragged down the gym for a dance class and got back late. Went straight to bed as it was my 1st day back at work today and its always the hardest.

    I hate to admit too but i used my last CBD, :lol: we're as bad as each other! i couldnt help it and it was bfn, It tears our hearts into pieces when we see it, i dont know why we do it to ourselves.

    Ive run out of OPK's, so we're gonna do SMEP and BD every 2-3 days, hopefully it should cover it.
    I should go drs and tell them about all these POS, i can see another blood test being done.
    Another possibility would be PCOS but ive already been told im clear, so im clueless.

    Good luck with OV this weekend, Last cycle was 43 days i think and before i think it was 24, cant remember, so i couldnt even pick a point when i think i will OV and all these positives have confused me.

  • What are we like hun so hope we can be bump buddies!!

    We could have opened up an online chemist with all the pregnancy tests we have used he he!!

    Well had a really crap day today things fell through with the car we were buying so got let down at last min (see other post)

    My MOT had lapsed by a month so have been driving round with no MOT for a month, I thought it was July so have had to get that done today and cost ??100 so at least it passed without not needing alot done to it.

    Think am ov as loads of cm and random pains in ovary area but not OPKing so cant say for certain.

    We are trying to do SMEP to only we start BDing later on and we BD last night, trying to BD at moment every 2-3 days but I must admit dont always feel in the mood and feels like a chore!!

    Hopefully on holiday I will be able to relax and have no worries so will make it more romantic etc.

    I finish work tomorrow its always a bind when you have to go back to work I hate it!! My job is really stressful and fast paced so I feel have aged loads these past few years.

  • Thats really pants about your car, although i havent read your other post yet :\)

    Lol to the online pharmacy, I think if im honest ive used about 30 pg tests in my lifetime. I had a phase when i thought i was pregnant when i was 19/20 whilst i was with my hubby. My AF was late but turns out it was coz i went cold turkey on my anti depressant and it messed my cycles about, it made me quite ill so not surprised. I was vomiting every morning so it was pretty convincing.

    I remember that sigh of relief when i walked out the door once i finished work before my a/l. God i cant believe it just flew by.

    Went out for a meal with friends this evening and mostly spoke about baby making, She laughed that we called it baby dancing, shes never heard it before. They wanted to know all the details about everything we do, :lol: Random!

  • He he to the baby dancing, we done it again last night hubby is well keen and I can tell he really gives it is all to get his swimmers up there.

    Think he is stepping up the mark as he has to go for his SA and he is secretly hoping i get pregnant so he doesnt have to go for his sperm tested he he!!

    Men and their egos eh!! Oh what am I going to do on hol without BE?? poor hubby he says I am obsessed.

    Well have finished work now so will be on all weekend up until mon/tues and then we fly wed morning so I wont be on while I am away unless hubby lets me use his I-Phone he he!!!

    I hope to come back and read your BFP post and hope to be joining you!!

  • lol about your hubby wanting you to get pg so he dont have to be tested.

    Now you mention IPhone, my hubby downloaded this app last night called bedometer. hehe it supposedly tells you how many calories you have burnt whilst having sex. We tried it and it was crap, in fact it said we didnt burn any calories in 20 minutes :lol: unless that was true.

    Pinch his phone and have a browse for it. :lol: Its thought of very highly according to all the reviews on it. It just made me laugh when i saw it, i just had to tell you! :\)

    I hope to see your BFP post too.

  • Hi MPP

    Any news image am sat here waiting he he ;\)

  • hun.....

    when r u going abroad??
    did u say u was testing b4 u go??

    as flyint is dangerous../....x
  • Hi hols

    Am going wednesday done a test this morning i thought I had faint line but hubs adament there was nothing there.

    You can fly right up until your 3rd trimester hun so flying isnt dangerous its just i wanted to be sure before I ate any foreign food that could harm baby.

    Anyway not preg so dont have to worry about it!!

    MPP take it you are celebrating hun, hope to hear from you soon I feel so down weve had a bbq and am bit drunk so excuse any typos!!

  • hi, sorry for g/c but i tend to keep an eye out for MPP posts anyway (in a non stalkerish way i promise lol), but just wanted to say i agree with sparkling diamond, flying is not dangerous in pregnancy, from 28weeks most airlines require a fit to fly letter to say ur not likely to go into prem labour and no one lets u fly from 36weeks but tahts it prior to that its perfectly safe, except air hostesses i believe, but that because they are flying all the time and the constant change in pressure isn't good, but for the average jo who flies a few times a yr there really is nothing to worry about,

    hope ur all well, and that ur bfp's are just around the corner xx
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