Using the technology or going with nature?

I find it fascinating how ttc has changed over recent years with the use of OPKs etc becoming common practice, so I'm writing an article to explore some of the reasons for this.
Personally I find all the technology involved in ttc these days highly stressful and I've always gone with the natural approach, which has worked twice; once after 6 weeks of trying and the second time after 8 months.

I know that the majority of ladies on here would probably advocate the use of all the new technologies available for those ttc and I'd love to hear about your experiences of using these - why do you use them, do you think they genuinely help you conceive faster, or is it more about feeling that you are more in control of the situation? Do your OHs support the use of them, or would they prefer a natural approach? Do you even tell them about all the things you do in the attempts to make a baby?

Not looking to judge either way (I think it's great that we have so many options these days), just find it genuinely interesting as to why people choose the approach to ttc that they do.
All opinions appreciated, and all will be kept anonymous.



  • hi, we have been ttc since about july last year, stopped using protection when we got married in june and started properly trying around september time. its been all natural as we didnt want to put too much pressure on ourselves. i did get some ov tests last month but only managed to use them twice (both negative) my oh was very supportive in me using them. we have now decided to chill out about it all and look at booking a wedding anniversary holiday so that some of the focus is off babies!hope this helps with your studies xxxx;\)
  • Hi,

    We've only been trying for a couple of months but I am tracking my temps and also using OPKs.

    To be honest the initial reason I started temperature tracking was because we were going to follow the shettles method and try for a boy and in the book you have to track your temps for 3 months in order to know when to BD etc. (we're now not following that)

    When I ordered my thermometer it came with 10 free OPK sticks, so of course I used them! And I'm glad I am using them as my cycles are all over the place, I'm currently on CD20 with no sign of OV and last month my cycle was over 40 days long so by using OV sticks at least we have a fighting chance of trying at the right time.

    If I had regular cycles I probably wouldn't be using OPKs and just trying around the right time, but currently I have no idea when the right time is.

    Hubby fully supports me on this, he really wants to be a daddy before he turns 30 (will be pushing it if I don't get my BFP this month as he is 30 in November!) he thinks it's hilarious that I have a pee pot and is always asking me if I'm off to pee in a pot!! :lol:

    We both really want to be parents and anything that can help us get there quicker without spoiling the romance too much is fine by us!
  • Oh, that's prompted another question.
    When using OPKs, do you then tell hubby 'upstairs darling, tonight's the night!' when you're ovulating, or do you just make sure that you BD without him necessarily knowing that it's the right time of the month? And does anyone think that having that much info about their partner's cycle would put their OH off sex or give them performance anxiety??!!
  • I use OPKs and mark on the calander so hubby can choose if we're going to or not, or he knows whats going on.

  • I dont want to use any sort of technology as I don't want to put so much pressure on us. We are BD every other day all month and letting nature take its course. This is our 1st month of trying, so if in a few months we have nothing, then maybe i'll re consider. But I don't want to only be bd for the sake of getting pg, I want to keep our relationship as normal as possible. It is hard tho - I am constantly symptom spotting in my head and I swore I wouldn't ! lol ! So guess i'll see how it goes : )
  • in answer to your other question, my hubby sees a test come out and sees it as a green light to get some bd'ing done!he understands the symptoms and when i was really hot the other morning, he said 'do a test, hot is good isnt it?' bless him, he knows more than me lol xxx
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