Finally after 12 months.......

I get my BFP imageimageimageimageimageimage

I did a cheapy test on Tuesday and got a very very faint line. Then did another yesterday and the line was darker. Finally did a cbd this morning which came up immediately with pregnant and then came up 2-3 weeks image

OK so things i did differently this month:

Tracked temps
Had reflexology at cd9
Used OPKs (the cbd kind that give you a smiley face)
Used preseed around fertile time.
BD'd 2 days prior to OV and then day of OV (day of smiley face). You wouldnt think a man would moan about bding 3 days in a row but my dh did!! :lol:

So im sure all the above helped me to get my BFP as had been ttc for 1 year without any of it (apart from the bding of course). I would definately recommend using the cbd opks as i was obviously not bding at the right times before. Also think the reflexology helped as well as the preseed. Tracking temps was useful as it sort of took some of the guessing out of whether AF might arrive that day.

Just want to say a huge thank you to Baby On Board (BOB) for being my ttc coach :lol: and also to Freckle for being my ttc support image Youve both become friends to me as opposed to just ttc buddies and we will still be the golden girls!

My god I sound like ive won an oscar or something! :lol:

Anway girls I will be writing my ttc story at some point (I love going to read the birth stories so thought would write a ttc story). xx


  • Big massive congrats!! Will be trying your methods xxx
  • congratulations thats fantastic imageimage
    Was it first time using preseed im ordering somes for this month because i got pg using it last time but dont know if it was coincidence
  • ah Im so pleased must be good feeling hun x x Will also be trying your methods lol congratulation x x
  • Massive congratulations hun!!!!!

    Have a fantastic 8 months! I think DIM has become the month for little miracle bubbas as their seems to be lots of lttttc and ttcam ladies in there!

    Look forward to your BA lol!
  • Wowhoooo thats amazing news! You must be over the moon to have seen it in writing especially with 2-3 weeks! Have a fantastic pregnancy, we'll miss you on our 6 month thread x
  • Ah, Jay, I'm so thrilled to be reading this! All the best, and a H&H nine months - let's hope this is the start of a lucky run for the 6 month+ girls!

    Hannah xx
  • Ah, Jay, I'm so thrilled to be reading this! All the best, and a H&H nine months - let's hope this is the start of a lucky run for the 6 month+ girls!

    Hannah xx
  • Awww congratulations
  • woohoo! congrats! h&h 9 months pet xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • yay congratualations x
  • What fantastic news Jay!! I am so happy for you! A well deserved BFP and a ray of hope for all our other lovely 6+ month TTCers!

    Enjoy basking and welcom to DI March image

  • Congrats Jay. That is great new. I hope you have a happy and healthy nine months. you have given hope to all of us 6+ TTCers
  • congratulations xx
  • Big congrats Jay - it gives me hope that my BFP is coming soon (lucky month 7!!).
  • Aww fab news, congrats xx
  • congratulations!!xxx
  • orrrr congratulations hun!!! i was in the golen girls with you and got my bfp in may so DIJ, SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXX
  • OMG Congrats hun I knew you were keep smiling

    Ps I might be joining you!!

    Am so happy for you xx
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I'm over the moon for you pet, I actually had a little weep of joy for you when I read your post!! It's the most amazing feeling in the whole world reading the CBD! Sending you a massive hug and hoping I had enough morning (noon and night) sickness for all of the GG's so maybe you'll get off lightly! image Fingers crossed for a lovely, relaxed, textbook pregnancy for you pet, you deserve it! xx
  • Woo Hoo!!!!!

    Congrats honey wishing you a happy healthy nine months x x x
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