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Another month bites the dust...

and i'm another month closer to getting my bfp. It may take me another month, two months or more but i know i will get one eventually.

AF greeted me when i woke up this morning and demanded that i get her a huge bottle of wine and chocs for us to enjoy tonight. Who am i to argue image

So anyway, on to month 5 and my quest for a valentines baby xxx


  • Sorry to hear she got you Ladybird but you sound so positive.

    Definitely have a guilt free treat tonight, thats what I do. I think you can also fit in a nice takeaway there!!
  • Aw hun, yr positivity is inspiring!! Wine n chocs is defo the way forward!! Keep smiling! x
  • I have wine and cocolate lined up for tonight too OH is out so I'm going to have ME time.

    Ah bliss.

    Even though no AF but my doctor suggested i POAS just to make sure im not pg, and as expected BFN.


  • Great to see the PMA is still flowing Ladybird, I think a nice bottle & chocs is just what the doc ordered.

    And ohhh a valentines baby!!!! xxxx
  • Sorry chick love your PMA though!! What a lovely thought a valentines baby!! Enjoy the wine and chocs!!
  • Sorry to hear about AF hun, lovely and positive though! "Another month closer to getting my BFP" - I love that! Treat night to night image
  • Thanks girls, i am quite positive today although i am also feeling very emotional and teary - you know like when you get drunk and start to tell everyone you love them.... :lol:
  • aw chick xx

    another month stuck with us hehe

    loving your PMA and choc/wine gonna share that lol xx
  • Sorry to hear that hon, good luck for next month though.
  • sorry to hear that ladybird. enjoy the vino tonight...i'm still waitin..grrrrrr
  • love your PMA lady bird , sorry the cow found you , have a feeling this time next week ill be psoting the same as you , also going onto month 5 !!
    sorry ive just slapped myself for being defeatist !! xxxx
  • Aww ladybird........a valentines baby sounds just the most perfect pressie doesn't it!!! I really do hope you get one and if i can add me to the list too :\) that would be fab!!

    Enjoy the wine and chocs......i've got my two lovely friends over tonight so wil no doubt enjoy some good stuff too, although im thinking pizza and eton mess image Yum Yum!!

    Lots of love feeling abit like telling people i love them too today :lol:

  • Month five was my lucky month, I can send you my lucky number five avatar if you want!!

    A valentines baby - perfect.

  • Sorry she found you, but I love the attitude!!!
  • Thanks again ladies.

    GLK - thanks for the offer, but i'll try out my new lucky number 5 ladybirds for now image
  • Sorry she got you sweetie. xxx
  • Sorry she got you, but loving the PMA. xx
  • Sorry she got you hun. I'm loving the pma - really hope it rubs off on me when the witch shows up!!

    Hope you're enjoying your wine and choccy x
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