Hello ladies

Well as you can prob guess, i have my BFP!!!

I am on holiday at the moment and AF was due Tues, so i waited until today to test (no idea how but i just couldn't believe we'd finally done it) image

The test is the most beautiful thing i ever saw, and the 2nd line is so strong (I will update this topic and post a pic once home next week).

This was our 6 month of ttc baby number 1, and it was my 2nd month of using the CBFM. I have my diary at home where i logged when we BD'd so i will also update with that once home... but i remember that we BD'd every 2 or 3 days until my peaks - and then both peaks. (so we ended up BDing 3 nights in a row coz we BD'd on the last high before the peaks - but we didnt do it on the 'high' AFTER the peaks coz we'd had enough)!! :lol:
I used preseed on the 1st peak only, and i stuck my legs in the air for approx 15 mins after each BD session!!

Symptoms........... NONE. Absolutely nothing.... NO sore boobs, NO implantation bleed, NO sharp pains in my stomach......
Hubby and i were trying to think back today, and i guess i have been sleeping more - but then i'm on holiday so always have an afternoon nap then! image

YIIIIIKES!! I'm gonna be a mummy!!!!

image image image

10/11/2009 - Hi girls!! I am exactly 5wks today and my EDD is 13th July 2010 image

Here are the pics of the tests i've taken so far!



That CB one says "pregnant 3+" and was taken this morning!!! :\)

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