FAO Sally Sunflower

Hi hon,

Just thought I'd see how you're getting on - are you any nearer to working out a date for your little bean's arrival?

So happy it's the hols, have spent the day cleaning and sorting and generally doing all the jobs I never get round to doing during term!

E x


  • Ooooooo...my own thread!!! hee hee, I feel like a celeb! image Thanks hun!

    Heya matey - I'm not too bad thanks. How's you?

    Still feels mad being pregnant. Some days when I'm feeling normalish I start thinking 'am i pregnant?' ha ha. With no bump and not feeling baby move or anything, I'm thankful for morning sickness and feeling tired as it;s the only sign I've got that Im having a baby! Cant wait til I've got a little bump - it's just a roll of fat at the min that I pretend is a proper baby bump image

    And still none the wiser as to a due date. I've poured over my diary to see when i did preg tests in the past and i think i may have ov'd around the end of october so I'm either 9 or 10 weeks (i think!) I'll have either a July or early august babe if thats the case. Got my screening appointment with midwife on NYE so maybe she'll be able to help me, Bit nervous about the appointment - hope everything's ok. Midwife said she'd sent me a date in th post for my scan so should know that too. Argh!!

    I really need to get this feeling of dread out of my head too. I know it's not healthy to just think the worst but I so cant wait to hit the 12 week mark. Im such a worrier anyway and i need to think positive. A friend of mine is lending me some like hypotherapy relaxation tapes to help me chill out a bit, She swore by them so hopefully they'll make me feel better.

    Anyway...enough about me...how's you hun?? I'm sorry Im a bit out of the loop as we've only just got the internet back, where abouts are you up to in your cycle? Or are you near to testing? I just know you'll get your BFP soon! ANd then it'll be you being a worrier like me! hee hee.

  • Sorry but thought I'd gatecrash to see how you're doing Sally. Glad everything is going well. Let us know how your scan goes I bet you'll start to feel like it's real then xx
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