has anyone else

blew up like a balloon after coming off pill. i finished my pill about a week and a half ago. still got a little bleeding. i would have been due to start my pill again on friday which of course i havent and today i could pass for about 5months preg. im so uncomfy. did anyone else get this and how long did it last. i dont remember this happening last time i came off it.?:\(

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  • I ballooned and put on weight for about 1 mth afterwards, then it came off again xx It is only temporary!
  • me too! Couldn't fit in any of my work clothes! However 2 months on i think i am deflating abit!
  • 7mths on and my slim days are well and truely over! I've tried to eat better but can't seem to shift it like I used to and am putting alot of it down to the pill. I can't fit in most of my clothes now.
  • thanks hope is disappears soon was trying to get some weight off before conceiving so gaining.lol.dont think ive gained any though all seems to be in my tummy. xx
  • hi i gained a bit when i first came off the pill starting to sette now only bloated this mth when af arrived
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