New to TTC and need help with ovulation

Hi ladies

I recently came off the pill and we have decided to try right away. I am CD10 and I have had crampy af type pains in lower abdomen today and increased sticky CM which is quite cloudy.

Would you say that what I feel is beginnings of ovulation?

If so should we be getting to it as much as possible?, We already BD'd on CD8 and plan to today, CD11 and CD12 but from then on I am away from home and hubby until CD15 I have no idea if this is good enough timings - anyone have any advice?


  • im not sure, generally when i have ov pains they are all in my lower back either to the right or the left. swimmers can live for up to 5 days so depending on when you ov you might be ok. gl x
  • Thanks Sammie.

    Now on CD11, last night while BDing I had tender/slighly painful cervix area and my CM has changed to clear and a little bit sticky but not a huge amount.

    Could this be ovulation? or is it perhaps af or coming off the pill? anyone had something similar when coming off the pill?

    thanks x
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