question about fertilityplan ov sticks?

My cycle seems like its playing up this month cd34 BFN twice and still no af, wasnt going to bother with these as ive heard some say they only work for some not for others but now i'm tempted so at least ive an idea when af might show or not but have a few questions about them:

Do you have to wait 4hours before you pee to test?,cause it advices you not to use the 1st morning pee but thats the only pee I have a 4hour gap inimage

And do you pee in a pot with these ones?


  • hey
    not sure about these specific ones but the ones I got from ebay just say limit water intake 2 hours before. I do them when I get home from work at around 6pm and from 4pm dont drink anything. they are pee in a pot ones too....can send u the link if u want as am going to order some more later and will go with the more sensetive ones this time as my line wasnt as dark as the control last month.
  • Mine were the same as Mrs B's. I could limit my fluids for a few hours, wait to pee, then leave the pee in a pot until it reached room temperature (not sure this is really necessary and it is a bit grim!), then dip.

    I found it didn't show when I was ovulating but I did enjoy the feeling that I was doing something to check when I was ovulating.
  • I never left my pee to get to room temp as someone else on here said it made no difference as they emailed the manufacturers. I did to start with but it was abit grim as would forget it and hubby would moan at me when he found my pee when he went to the bathroom!!
  • I can imagine good job it was just him and no one else that walked in on your pot of pee:lol:

    hmmm does seem abit of a fath but ive ordered some anyway, any thing for this elusive BFP I think in years to come I'll look back and laugh at all this
  • I hope I am laughing in years to come as im not laughing now image! sorry having a 5 min 'down' period!
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