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have tested before and never got this not sure when i OV'ED but might have been 1st may if so coming to 2 weeks after OV which is right for me so should have an AF on sat 15th may this is weird when should i test next i know it is a high PG test i could not find a low one like 10 mui no idea sorry :\?


well the lines are not faint but went to the doctors today and they did one and it was a BFN so have to test in a week plus did one the after my DR appointment and it came up BFP but i was not allowed to test for at least a week oh well i will wait till next wed to do another one


well girls i have just started AF so do i class today as CD1

i spoke to my fertility clinic and they said they think i am mc as i would have not got a +ive on PG test if i was not PG so have to repeat PG test when i stop bleeding so i am really upset but onwards and upward i phoned them 10 mins ago they did not say mc tho just that the PG would not be strong one so not aloud to start my clomid till next AF

so i am not sure weather this is a mc i am so confused


well i was at the hosptial today with my LO as she is deaf and needed another hearing test and thought i would go and see some one well went to the gyne ward and i have a scan for next fri 28th may so fingers crossed its sticky and thank you

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  • hey hun same as me! I tested today, due af on friday 14th and ov around the 1st, there was the faintest line there on two tests, you really have to look closely on them lol! Im goin to test again on wed or thurs i think, really hope it is a bfp! And not all in my head! Lol good luck for you too hun x x x
  • the thing is my O/H seen it and i know its there as i convinced my self before that there was a line but he never seen them but this one he does so i said to him it might be but might not be
  • this happened to me the first time i tested - there was a very faint line and i thought there must be something wrong with the test, so we did another straight after and thought the box was empty. then i looked again and there was a very very faint line (almost like i was imagining it or as if that's where a line *would* appear if there were the hormones present). i still thought i was negative, but we waited until the next morning and did a different test that gave a plus or minus and it was a big fat plus! i'm now 6 weeks.

    this is what i've now found out: a line is a line, no matter how faint! so, i think congratulations may very well be in order!!!
  • that makes me feel better reading that! My line is so faint but iv done two tests today and its the same on both so at least i know it wasnt a dodgey test, hubby can only just make the line out so its defo there, i never realised a line could be so faint! Im not due af till friday tho, would a clear blue digital pick up a positive? X x x
  • That's very promising especially if it wasn't fmu!!
    I'm no expert but you've still got a far few days till af date so maybe leave it till weds/Thursday and test again!!!
    It can only be a good sign if oh can see it!!!
    Good luck and keep us updated!!!

  • From what I've read on here CBd aren't very sensitive so would prob put off using till your late!! Think superdrug own and first response would be the next ones to use!!!
  • thank you bella hope it is a BFP will not need to go on clomid but if not then no problem

    MrsJ hope it is lol fingers crossed will test tomorrow as i do have 5 more tests if not then i will do another one on sat
  • well did another one and still really faint so going to wait till sat if i am PG i will be due 22nd jan 2011 we will see
  • lookin good hun! Iv not got anymore tests in the house so will either hold off till tomoro or friday when af is due or give in and do another test today! Good luck for us both x x x
  • Good luck girls. Hope you get BFP's!! x
  • i tested again today, on a superdrung one as i heard they are the best ones, and again its a very very very faint bfp!!! it didnt appear straight away but after about 3-4 mins i could see it, really hope its a positive!!! still trying not to get my hopes up tho!! its bloomin hard tho!!! lol!!! xxx
  • id be over the moon there defo a line there hunnie whispers congrats xxxx
  • There's definitely a line there! BFP!! Congrats! x
  • TY i thought so but i forgot my PG tests today to show the doctor so they did one and it was neg but we have to remember that i had been to the loo just before she called me in as i could not wait any longer well she asked if i could pee in a bottle i said i don't think i can but i will try well went there and filled the whole bottle thats what surprised me the most lol but i was told i am not allowed to test for a week and i tested which is this one and its a tesco own brand
  • theres definitely a line there for sure, hope it gets confirmed soon and you get what u want xx
  • well i have to wait till wed 19th may to test
  • def a line!! i would hate to have to wait to test!! good luck with that x
  • Thats a def line to me too, Ouch with the wait.

    Hope its a BFP for you. :\)

  • well girls my AF is ment to be here today no sign and plus did a digi clearblue and is said NOT PREGNANT well took it apart andthere was i line lol oh well i give up no more testing now will have to wait and see i have saddled up till AF shows her UGLY face
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