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Should I be worried?

:\(Hi Ladies you may remember me as being the lady with the husband with the impotence problem. Well we went on holiday and each time we BD he came, then last night we BD and he came also! couldnt believe it. Well we tried again this morning, even went into work late and he couldnt. He said he wanted too but went soft after a bit.

Should i now be worried? Ive had years of him having this problem and a few weeks where he seems to be OK, do you have issues like this with your men and if so what do you do?

Im using the OPK and not had my two lines yet, so not OV but been thinking we should keep up with the practice just in case.

What do you think?


  • Oh hun I dont really have any advice for you but didnt want to r&r. Maybe he has just been overdoing it?
    I would not worry about it yet.
    My OH has always had problems ejactualing (sp) but has gotten better recently. He still has times when he cant though.
    I hope you get it sorted xxx
  • I am new to all this so I haven't any advise as such but like *babylove* didn't want to R&R. I guess it is more of a good luck post and hope you manage to sort things. Have you been trying for long? xx
  • thanks ladies, been trying officially since October im 24 and when I had my fertility check up was told I had 23 good eggs apparently 15 is good so im fit as a fiddle, when he was tested he had lots of healthy active sperm! so nothing physical I can see just need to do the deed more. He has only been able to ejaculate in me this last month. Im praying we get caught, last time we had success was last night, but according to OPK im not ovulating yet, still you can get caught right? what about you shoegal82?
  • Sperm can live for a day or 2 so if you get your pos on your opk then yes your still in with a chance. Do try again later though xx
  • i'v heard that sperm can live for up to three days so dont worry too much!
  • I am stopping my pill on 29th April so going to start trying straight away. I need to do some home work though as very new to all this ovulating etc. I am 28 and nearly at the end of my divorce. One of the main reasons for my divorce is that my husband didn't really pay me any attention but still wanted a baby; funny i could have sworn you need to BD for that. I am with my new partner and much better suited so it shouldn't be a problem once we start ttc as we BD a lot anyway ha xx
  • Silly computer, i posted twice as it didn't come up first time! xx

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  • Hi excited4baby,
    I have just been reading yoour post and saw that you had a fertility check up, is this something your GP did before you started to TTC. I hope everything turns out well for you. Babydust to you x x
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