6 months Partenity leave!!!

Hello ladies,

incase you are not aware of this yet, just wanted to let you know that the partenity leave for men has been increased starting april 2011!! here is the link to the news:



  • Ahh, thats IF the mother decides to return to work x
  • very interesting! I think my OH would love it!
  • Mine would love it too!! at least he would definately get 3 months!
  • Hubby is self employed so not much use to us!
  • I saw that in the paper today.
    Its a good idea but financially it isnt good for me and hubby, we couldnt pay our mortgage on ??123 a week, my hubbys wages pay the mortgage.

    What does my head in is that people who cant be bothered to work and are on benefits get everything paid for, its not fair.
    My hubby has got a friend whos missus has just had a baby, hes on benefits because he cant be bothered to work and they get their rent paid for along with everything else and i think its damn right DISGUSTING! And heres all us full time workers struggling to pay everything.

    lol sorry had to get that off my chest. does my head in.

  • Yeah my Hubby would have to go back to work, just have the 2 weeks off.
    Im from Norfolk and i now live in Northamptonshire so i wont be able to have alot of help from my mum and dad and im gutted, I think things will work out, i get on with the MIL and FIL so i know they will help alot.
    My mum will probably do the same as yours frilly, she will stay over and help.

  • G/C from planning but i just had to let you know how much i agree with you mrspinkplayboy!

    My OH's sis is 19 and pg and neither of them have jobs(baby was planned.) She has been saying for ages she can't wait to get her council house. Well she rang last night to inform us that she was infact getting a pokey flat and how annoyed she was. I was just like ha f****n ha!!!

    The government say they want to cut back expenditure..i could think of a few ways!!

    Money saved could go to those dads who work all the hours god sends to put food on the table for their families who would like some time off to spend with their newborns!
  • I hear what your saying Lady2188. I agree with you 100%

  • I absolutly agree with all you ladies, My OH & I have put off trying to concieve for so long because we didn't think we could afford it & now we are struggling to catch, why is it these people always catch straight away & have no probs image
  • I totally agree, my sister and partner are on benefits and she had her 5th child in Oct (she's 25 by the way) last year. Neither of them have worked in the 8 years they've been together. I spoke to her last night and she was telling me that they're saving so they can go abroad for Christmas!! I won't be able to afford that when i'm on maternity leave, but at least i'll be contributing to her holiday!! Plus she's top of the list now for a 4 bedroom house!! Makes you laugh doesn't it!!
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