I am ill....again!

Hi girls, I am ill AGAIN.

I have just woken up from a sleep I still ache all over my boobs are KILLING me and I am boling!!! Hubby took temp and it was 37!!!!!!!! I am ill image this is like the third time , I also have such a bad belly AGAIN. I am really pissed off image

K xx


  • that's not good babe - sending you a 'get better soon' wish xx Your body is playing up big style!! xx
  • Hiya,
    Sorry to here that you are ill, that sucks - I know how you feel though!! Your temperature is ok at the moment though, until it gets to 37.5 its not really a problem but you could take some paracetamol anyway to stop it going higher.

    Try and get some rest, are you in work tomorrow?

  • Yeah I will go to work tomorrow I feel a bit better now I have had a sleep image Do you think it could be my AF being late thats a reason?

    K xx
  • hi sorry to hear you are feeling unwell.hope you get better soon and that af doesnt show up at all! get hubby to get you some soup,rub your feet and hold your hand.
    get well soon xx
  • Hope you feel better soon mate, I should make the most of your oh waiting on you. Being ill can have its positives xx
  • hi K-Lou - sorry to hear you're not very well - i know the feeling - I'm well and truly miffed with myself...

    I had a lap and dye 2 weeks ago - initially planning one week off work...then I got an infection so was signed off for a further weeek....due to go back to work tomorrow and I've woken up with what looks to me (and my mum....mums know everything dont they?!) like SHINGLES...!!!!!!!!! ARRGGHHH!!! going to docs tomorrow to be sure but just can't believe it - i hate my immune system!
    hope you feel better soon!! xxx
  • Get well soon K-lou you poor thing! x x


  • Oh bless you I hope you feel better soon babe Hugs to you .

    K xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Sorry you are feeling unwell K. Hope you feel better soon. xx
  • Hey k-lou and bon, hope you are feeling better soon. You both sound like you need some TLC from your oh's! Pampering is the order of the day I think. xx


  • Hope your feeling better today.
    Any sign of AF or BFP?? image
  • No honey, no AF and no BFP. I nearly fainted last night at 1-30 when i got up to go to the loo and again I nearly fainted this morning on the train I feel sick though I do not ache anymore?

    K xx
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